growing white sage

nclonoOctober 6, 2011

I have several white sages (salvia apinea) planted in the ground, and live in zone 6. I hear that the plant is native to Southern California, but also that it grows in North Dakota. Does anyone know about cold tolerance? Should I cut it back and mulch heavily, or let it be? Will it lose leaves this winter? I've grown other sages, but this is a first with white sage. I can find very little info on the web, if anyone has any experience with the plant I'd love to hear your stories! Thanks

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

If it indeed grows wild/survives naturally in your location and the sage you have is from that stock, then it would be hardy. Otherwise, I read that Salvia apiana is hardy to zone 8 so it would not be hardy in your location.

Info on the web - "salvia apiana" got me 98,000 hits at google. I think that is plenty of reading material for you! :)


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definitely doesn't grow naturally here, i bought the seeds and babied them as seedlings.

the internet tells me a lot about the plant, its uses, and its origins, and everyone says its iffy to try and grow them in places that get below 20, but that it is possible.

just looking for tips on whether folks have had success, and if i should cut it back, mulch it, or just cross my fingers...

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Zone 6, which I am officially in, gets below 20 degrees F a lot throughout the winter season - sometimes for weeks at a time. I'm sure your zone 6 isn't much different.

You may be able to bump up a zone with a microclimate, but not multiple zones. I would not try to over winter them outdoors. You may be able to over winter them, perhaps in an unheated garage or porch. I've done that with italian figs (not hardy in my zone).


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