Bright Blooms

maximus7116(MI)August 4, 2014

There were lots of bright and flashy blooms over the weekend. I have lots of brown scapes, but these still managed to make the garden look bright.

This photo shows the truest color yet on THIRTY SECONDS OVER TOKYO:

CAPACITY FOR WONDER, a very bright polychrome:

LANA ISHEE with more of its true orange color:

UP ON THE ROOF is wonderfully tall. I tried to get a photo that shows its height:

THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT, another polychrome:

JOAN DERIFIELD, putting out the blooms:

Another tall one, TAHITI SWEETIE:

UNCERTAINTY PRINCIPLE was brighter than usual today:

LOVE OR ELSE is usually more bi-tone here and definitely needs to be moved to a sunnier spot:

ANATOMY OF CHANGE had many more blooms this year:

AS THE WORLD TURNS, always late in my garden:

While this one isn't bright, I had to include the FFO on CHATEAU BELAIR:

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I love the bright ones, so there is a lot here to love. I especially liked Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo and Lana Ishee today.

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Really nice pics! Thirty Seconds and Chateau are my faves. Tahiti Sweetie looks fine too. And Lana Ishee seems to have very intense color.

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shive(6b TN)

I need to stop looking at your pictures. LOL They have induced me to buy Joan Derifield and Cobraskin Necktie on the Lily Auction. Both of the Hanson polychromes appeal to me, and Anatomy of Change is pinching well for you. That one didn't bloom for me this season. I'm just happy it survived winter in its pot.


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Mantis, Thirty Seconds over Tokyo and Chateau Belair have only been here since 2012 and have been really impressive -- great scapes and nice bud count.

Debra, I could have sent you Joan Derifield. Both polychromes are beauties, although Capacity for Wonder is a brighter yellow. I think all the blooms on Anatomy of Change have pinched this year, and there have been a ton of them.

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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

you certainly have a bunch of beauties, starting with
CAPACITY FOR WONDER. That's a very pretty one, so nice and round and bright.THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT is another very pretty one. and JOAN DERIFIELD is always a beauty. I sure do like that one a lot. and I was hoping to see another photo of caralines charm, but,AS THE WORLD TURNS, is a really pretty one, too/


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All nice brights! My two favorites today are Up on the Roof and Capacity for Wonder! Love how its black anthers look against the bright yellow.
Wow FFO now, nice! All my lates started as midlates this year.

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gardenofeden777(8a central Louisiana)

Wow, look at all the scapes, how wonderful! I've got a few still blooming, few being the key word. How awesome to see the polychromes, those 2 are going to the top of my must order list!
They are beautiful, love your post!

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Love the brights! Great pictures.

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Can't pick a favorite. They are all nice.

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I'm not usually attracted to the yellow DL's, but I have to say that THE GOLDILOCKS EFFECT, and CAPACITY FOR WONDER have swayed my thinking. I will have to add these to the garden. They are so bright and pretty.


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Thank you all! The two yellows/polychromes sure make the garden look brighter in that sea of brown scapes. Daylily season goes by way too quickly.

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Maryl zone 7a

Yellow being my favorite daylily color, both of your yellows catch my eye. Can't pick a favorite among them. Lana Ishee always gets my attention, and then there's the quiet beauty of Chateau Belair to cool things down a bit......Maryl

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Julia NY(6)

TAHITI SWEETIE is my pick. Love the color and form. CAPACITY FOR WONDER is a favorite here too.


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