Does Oregano survive winter OUTDOORS in Zone 6?

kvbchOctober 29, 2006

My 2 two old oregano plants did very, very well this year.

Can I leave them outside in my Zone 6 garden ?

Or, should I did up and take indoors and grow under grow lights ?

Many thanks.


Zone 6

Southern Illinois

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Yeah, it should do okay in zone 6. :o)

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I'd mulch well. Mine has only occassionally survived in Central Ohio. (Recently upgraded from zone 5 to 6!)

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Mine has survived years in a zone 4!! It is on the south side of the house, but I have to yank it out as it tends to take over if left unchecked.

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Greek Oregano does very well in WET zone 6/7.I've got mine mulched with seaweed this year.I'll see how that works next spring.

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poseyplanter(5A IL)

Hi K.B.!

I have a verigated variety of Oregano that has over wintered for two years in an East facing location, about 10' from the house. It stays pretty close to the ground - not a big bushy thing.

If you have a couple plants, why experiment with one?

Best wishes!


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Do you know what type you have? Saying you have oregano is like saying you have rice. There are too many types for different usages without additional information. Somethings sold as oregano are a couple of types of tropicals. Verigated's are not as hardy as some of the others. The oregano I planted in 1993 is still here but the clump is getting smaller each year. I need to move next year.

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raptorrunner(Z4/5 NE Nebr.)

South slope, here and zone 4/5. It is very very prolific and can't get rid of it. ... soooo it does very well, lol

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Oregano and mint used to show up in the same area every summer until I started to heavily till the soil. Because oregano can set seeds, they can survive and sprout the next year. I have the same issue with mammouth dill, and have not actually planted any for a few years. Once the seeds drop, into soil, they can survive cold winters and will sprout very early the next spring. Because I allowed my oregano to blossom, as well as the thyme, I think they mey return this summer in the same area. If not, I'll just start up a couple of new seedlings just in case.

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