dehydrated tomatoes to powder?

amyjeanJuly 14, 2011

I apologize in advance for what is probably a stupid question: Last year (I know, I know) I dehydrated a WHOLE BUNCH of tomatoes. However, it was my first experience with dehydrating. Hence, I ended up with the crispiest, driest, little red hockey pucks that one can imagine. Even soaking them for 24 hours in olive oil doesn't soften these puppies up. What to do?

After reading on one of these threads about "powdered tomatoes" I thought; Aha! That's what I'll do with them. Please don't tell me I can't powder them now because they're too old. I'll die. I have gallons of these and the work they represent makes me numb. (I thought I was doing the right thing and drying little, tiny things, which were more work than anything I've ever done before -washing, stemming and slicing the little beasts.) Anyway, as I said, I'll die....... So, if I CAN powder them, how would one do such a thing?

Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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Last year I powdered some of my dehydrated tomatoes in a spice grinder under they were completely powdered, then stored them in vacuum sealed containers. Now, when a recipe calls for tomato paste, I put equal parts water and tomato powder in a small dish, and it's instant tomato paste. It sounds like you have a large quantity, so powdering in a small spice grinder could be tedious. I'm no expert, but once something is completely dehydrated, I think the shelf life is pretty long and they should be OK, especially since you dehydrated them to the point of no return :)

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

As long as they have been shielded from dust and have remained dry with no molding then sure you can powder them. I use a coffee bean grinder. Never tried a blender but it should work.


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