Backberry question

apapjimAugust 12, 2014

Around the first of the year I purchased three six Triple Crown blackberries. They were very small but planted in the right mix they took off quickly grew into healthy plants. I didn't expect a crop the first year but they didn't produce a single berry! I'm wondering now if perhaps they are open pollinated and missing bees. I'm getting ready to pot them up to 25 gal containers. Any ideas?

I'm also getting ready to repot some camellia cuttings. My thinking is to use Lou or Bamboo Rabbit's blackberry mix since they are an acid loving plant. Am I on the right track?

Papa Jim

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czfljo(Daytona Beach-9A/B)

Hi Jim, first year what happens is the bb send up canes. It is on these canes the 2nd year that fruit develops. The 2nd year it will also send up canes which will bear fruit the following year and so on and so on. I too have very healthy 1st year plants. Looking forward to blackberry cobbler next year!


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Papa Jim,

Pot them up just like you said in the BB soil mix and you will have delicious berries next spring. I have a few of these plants and making more, they are great tasting huge berries. The canes are very limp and if not tied upright to a fence or something for support they will run along the ground and you will be on all fours sniffing out the berries hiding in the weeds. This is my favorite black berry and if you want to make more plants just bury the tip of the cane in good potting soil and it will sprout out a new plant. Clip off the mother cane from the new plant and rebury it in another pot and it will make another new plant. I find it grows more like a vine than a cane with little side branches making the berry clusters. Just be aware the critters (like raccoons, opossums, etc.) also like the berries so you may have to cage your berry patch. To make sure I get some berries I also grow a few plants inside my pool screen cage so I know they are self pollinating.


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Ut-oh! Looks like I'm going to need a new cage. I planned to grow tomatoes, blue berries and black berries but only have two cages. Squirrels cleaned me out of blue berries this year and now it looks like black berries are on the endangered list. Can't live without tomatoes!

You're dead on about how the triple crowns grow. Very low to the grown and vine like..

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