Can Lavender be divided?

elly29October 22, 2006

If it can be divided, then when is the best time?

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Cuttings up to about 10cm long can be taken from the new seasonÂs growth and inserted into sandy soil. Cuttings taken from older sections of the plant with a Âheel are usually successful. Plants about 3 years old may be divided and replanted but this is not recommended for beginners. All best done in spring.

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CA Kate

It's best not to try to divide the main "trunk". But if you look around under the plant you might find where a branch has rooted; this will become a new plant. You can cut the "baby" away from the main plant, move it to a new area or pot it. You can also do this by bending a branch to the ground, "pegging" (pinning) it in place and it will root at the point where it touches the earth. This you can do anytime.

Or, you can do as Daisy suggests and make cuttings.

I see that you're in CA so any transplanting should be done now; but I prefer to do "cuttings" in Feb/Mar. just as it starts to warm up.

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Thanks for the information!

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