Regarding my basil saplings and a little about my basil

marcky97October 10, 2011

Hey guys how's it going?

My saplings are like 1 month old I think or a month and a half, I dunno. Today, my friend watered it I think, cause it was wet already, anyway, I think that he knocked one of my saplings over and I made it upright again but it was like slouching a little. I was just wondering if it'll return back to normal and straight.

Also, I tend to underwater my basil in hopes I don't overwater it. So I seem to be doing both somehow. When it recovers from underwaterage, Some leaves turn yellow and fall off. Btw, it doesn't really have drainage. The watering of my basil is really a challenge for me. I'll post pictures when I can of both of them.


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You do want drainage. If you have it in something that doesn't have holes, raid your recycle bin for yogurt, ricotta cheese, or some other plastic container you can poke holes in. Transplant it. Mother Nature does drainage and you should too.


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Losing proposition. You really cannot water properly unless your container has adequate drainage holes. 'Underwatering' to compensate for zero drainage won't work.

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Thanks for the answers. My friend is just watering it and it seems to be oddly looking good. Like the one that I thought was dead and was putting off all the time to cut it, the branch of it that didn't have brown leaves turned green again. I think it was dehydrated for a long time. I also decided to see if I can drill a hole in my pot instead of looking for a new one

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On that note, I have a healthy looking young plant, but it is starting to display some spotting as well. Mostly small light brown spots but as you can see, a larger one has developed as well. Does this just look like sunburn from wet leaves or something I should be concerned about?

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There are a couple other leaves with the light tan spots as well.

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