deer and herbs

brass_tacks(8b/GA)November 28, 2006

Are there herbs that deer like or dislike? I already know that the deer stay away from greyish leaves, and plants from the onion family, but what about:





green stem/leaf lavenders

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The more fragrant, the more deer resistant. I have about 30 head of deer that wander through my garden. So far the sage, thyme, rosemary (of course), oregano, lemon grass, garlic chives, and lemon balm have survived.

The onion chives were nibbled a bit but came right back. I wouldn't trust the parsley around deer, I keep mine inside the patio fence. Lavenders I think would be quite safe.

Good luck with the little darlin's.

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Do you also do something to attract the deer away from your herbs?

While I was searching on the subject, I read that someone was successful keeping deer away by generously and often spreading milorganite.

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makalu_gw(z5b NY)

I haven't had a problem with oregano, horehound, sage and the common thyme in a high deer traffic area. Oddly, they've nibbled my lemongrass but stopped and the only thing they've done to lemon balm was trample it to get to the rue and hollyhocks. I don't do anything to keep the deer away in that section since it's going to go away in a year or so so I figure it's a good trial area.

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No I don't need to worry about the herbs. It's everything else that I need to protect!

Seriously, I haven't used it myself but I'm including a link about the stuff,

I use resistant plants and galvanized wire mesh as well as some other methods. Below is a link to deer "proofing" your garden that may help.

I live with a herd of about 30 head in my block alone but the herbs survive.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oh, Deer!

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neil_allen(z5/6 Chi IL)

We have a field of about 1/10 acre full of lavender plants with all types of foliage, from very silvery to deep green. Deer don't browse them, but they will walk through the field, at least in cool weather when the plants aren't in flower. I've read that deer are actually repelled by the scent, because it overwhelms other smells and they use their sense of smell more than most animals, but I can't really confirm that.

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Thanks all. That link that txspice included--the information is a real keeper! Thanks a million one and all!

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CA Kate

I have more trouble with the gophers and rabbits. The gophers under-mine everything and the rabbits will devour the parsley and basil, so they have to always be UP off the ground.

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Do you have other kind of herbs planted at ground level that the rabbits don't bother?

There is a long thread in the Pests and Diseases forum in regard to moles and gophers. Haven't seen any gophers yet, but for sure they are around. Moles? This is the first year we've seen tunnels. I'm going to try using the Juicy Fruit gum technique of getting their numbers down. Your suppose to take half a stick of Juicy Fruit (important) gum, roll it up and set about six inches outside a tunnel opening. Some people set the gum in a tunnel. Suppose to wear latex gloves when handling the gum. The poster that says he has much success is fescuedream, and he posted on Nov 23, second to last posting.

There is a large portion of our yard that we haven't covered in grass yet, and so we are able to see the various tracks left by the wildlife. So far only racoon, deer, bird and ducks are coming around. There are owls and other birds that eat little critters, and I think that is why we don't see rabbits or squirrels. Oh, I forgot--there are armadillos that dig for grubs.

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