Ruta odorata

imabirdnutNovember 13, 2011

I have had a terrible time keeping Ruta graveolens here in North constantly dies! I've tried almost every part shade bed in my yard because of the heat we have in the summer! I also tried elevating the bed for better no success!

It was recommended that I try Ruta odorata but I lost the email of the nice gentleman that offered to share seeds with me! I haven't been able to find a seed source online, either!

Does anyone have seeds that I could trade for or send a SASBE? I am a novice butterfly gardener & herb gardener. I am trying to find host plants for Giant Swallowtails & rue is one of their's.

Thanks, Lila

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Maybe you could try to buy a small plant and put it in a container at first. A nice large pot would do, but maybe a smaller one that you could lift. Try out different parts of your garden to see where it's happiest. I killed three before I found out where it wanted to live, and now it's very happy. Gets eaten nearly to the nubs each late summer by the caterpillars with the orange and black stripes, then grows again like nothing happened. Mine is now in the ground, in a dedicated herb bed that was lasagna'ed for a few months before planting. Our heat is probably like yours so I thought I'd put my two cents in.......

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