Euphorbia tirucalli ......the pencil plant

abnorm(Orlando)August 13, 2012

My gardening friends, Em and Claude, recently gifted me a large cutting of their Pencil Plant.

A rather strange succulent composed of pencil-like stems attached to more "pencils". A single tiny leaf appears occasionally. The mother plant stands an impressive 12' tall....this was simply a broken "branch" when they moved the huge plant....

As a succulent the plant cuttings easily root.....I've been shaping the original bush/branch into a tree shape....the cuttings are rooting and looking for NEW homes......

The cuttings will be in plastic cups of 511 and ready for adoption. Caution: The plant secretes a toxic "latex" when cut that is reactive to some people's skin. Email me with any requests.....We'll plan on delivering at a Fall Plant exchange.....or local Downtown Orlando pick-up anytime..... or even attempt a "PonyExpress" via other GW'ers

Cold tolerant with only slight protection in this area....


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might want to rethink that cold protection....? we had one that had four inch caliber, ten foot tall, turned to ash two years ago and it was covered! great plant, but protect it look at where they have it, makes a big difference. we never thought we never thought we'd lose it.......:)

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