Which daylily has been your best performer

alicia7b(z7b/8aNC)August 2, 2006

this year? This question can be answered in the plural. I don't have that many daylilies but my new favorite is Ah Youth -- big pink flowers and good repeat bloom. Of course there's also Sparkling Orange, which I thought would be more orange than it is but I really like it....

Who's been the standout in your garden this year?

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This summer my vote would go to Ice Carnival. It's been flowering now for about 8 weeks since I bought it early in June.

Molly D

Ice Carnival (with cross tags and friends)

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Well I would have to say that Sierra Grande has been my best performer because it is STILL blooming , it started on May 16th then took a very short break and rebloomed and is still blooming on one stalk,,

Sierra Grande

But my favorite performer that is also new this year is hands down Victorian Lace which I waited about 4 years to get because of the cost,,it bloomed with rebloom about 2 months,,I know everyone is tired of hearing about it but it was a BIG deal to me to finally get this one and then have it perform like a trooper was awesome,,

then right behind that was Sherry Lane Carr that seemed to bloom forever also,,such a stunning flower,,


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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

I don't have a huge selection, and no really new ones, but a few older ones have done really well for me: IDA MILES stood up to our 95 degree heat wave and didn't break a sweat, let alone wilt or burn. MARY TODD has been another real workhorse that didn't mind the heat. Earlier in the season a new plant for me, MATT, bloomed beautifully, and I can hardly wait for it to perform next year. I've also got a NoID that beats them all hands down, a huge clump with a score and more of scapes, small spider-ish warm rusty stars with golden eyes.


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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

AMERICAS MOST WANTED is currently in rebloom and looks almost as good as the first time around. EASTER HOLIDAY, a fine huge late bloomer by Doughtery is a wowzer as is HOLIDAY JOY. SPACECOAST EXTREME FASHION and SC DISCOVERY are reblooming and looking good.


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Wow, love that color on Sierra Grande.

Mary Todd is on my want list for next year.

Lovely pictures!

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joann95118(z9 CA)

One of the best this year is Cherrystone. Had a good first bloom and is doing better on its rebloom.


Here is a link that might be useful: Cherrystone

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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

My best performer this year would have to be "First Knight"
it has been blooming for 6 weeks now and just had it last flower today. I have had this plant for four years and it has multiplied from a single fan to 12 fans. It is also the proud parent of alot of my very best seedlings, both bod and pollen.

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How much space do I get to list them? A couple of new ones really please me, Igor, Cherrystone, Blackjack Cherry. I dearly love Beautiful Edgings. Moonlight Orchid finally got around to blooming right this year and it is spectacular. I also get a real charge out of Sears Tower, I love it.

See, I could go on and on because each one has something to recommend it. A thread like this makes you take a closer look at some of them, doesn't it?


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I had several real "stars" this year as weather was finally perfect with plenty of rain.
Here are a few that were simply awesome
Planet Max, Julie Newmar (my favorite), Moonlight Rhapsody, Renegade Ranger, Becky Lynn, Continental Holiday, On To Something, Eye of Excellence, and Halloween Hocus Pocus.
Also, a great year for hybridizing - 170 seed pods and counting.

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numama(z7 AR)

These seemed to be blooming at all times, and bloomed A LOT! Favorite listed first, second, etc........Nancy
DAVID KIRCHHOFF (started in May, last bloom today.




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shive(6b TN)

Some of my new ones that were excellent performers with lots of rebloom were ADA MAY MUSICK, ROMAN COHORT, and SETI. OF my established plants, SEMINOLE WIND and SPIRITUAL CORRIDOR put on a long and wonderful show.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

wow, these are gorgeous blooms.Love thatCherry Stone and Baracuda Bay.. Beautiful.. I had one that bloomed constantly from the end of April till a few days ago,when it had the last bloom,and I think I see a little scape making up again on it.

Little Wart

It was a bagged one I got at wal mart and planted last spring.


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inmanl(UK South)

Well, this is an interesting one, because my best performer is MAGGIE FYNBOE, from Werner Reinermann of Germany. I haven't seen it in any of the US catalogues on the web, so perhaps it is not too well known in the US.

She's new to me this year, but her two scapes have been opening blooms for 6 weeks now and there are still 3 buds left on one scape - an excellent bud-builder I think! If you want a really subtle, true peach self, this is the one. Her blooms open perfect every time and last all day in my sunny border. I understand she came from Rose Emily. One of my best purchases for this season.

Leah in the UK

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Ladylovingdove IF I had Victorian Lace the entire world would get sick of me talking about it so you just go on talking. I can't blame you for being so excited about it. Would be if I were you!!

virgo45 : that is one lovely flower!


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MaxBaerHems(Z6b Pa)

I have been lucky enough to have a large number that I have really been impressed with....BUT...Taking all things into consideration.....Length of Bloom... Number of Blooms....Weather Extremes....Foliage....Grabbing your Attention and Demanding your closer look....Increase in size of clump....number of scapes..and just continously putting on a SHOW.....
Well that has to be.....Spacecoast Blast Off!!
Yup, not even a newer one....not even my favorite colours...but it just flat out whopped all my others....and this morning while watering....it is still sitting with.....12 seed pods...7 Beautiful open blooms....and at least 9 more buds to open yet....I should have checked for any sign of a new scape or possible re-bloom...Hmmmmmm First Bloom 3 June 06- Still blooming....
Well anyway...it has Impressed Me!
Spacecoast Blast Off:

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virgo45(Toronto,Canada 6a)

Max -- Nice flower and great photo

Thanks MollyD the picture does not do it justice.

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laurelin(z5a/4b Upstate NY)

Rick, I think 'Spacecoast Blast Off' is REALLY impressive. I think its the first of the Spacecoast series that really appeals to me. Its wish-list material!


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I can't believe this Sp Blastoff does nothing for me as well as Sp Starburst,,I thought they would do good for me since they come from Fla,,but NO,,I had a couple of flowers on both last year but nothing this year,,Starburst is just declining and one clump died off already,,still got a couple of fans on Blastoff, I will give it one more year,,

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Those are beautiful photos of Spacecoast Blast Off.

I really like the look of First Knight. I'm going to have to look up the others everyone mentioned.

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Well I've been really impressed with Daring Deception this year.
It was one of my first to open ( after stella and the other early earlies) in June and it's still going strong.
I've had blooms pretty much everyday. I only have 5 fans right now but I have 2 scapes blooming out of the same fan.

Orchid Corsage is putting on a nice show but is a NA so she's still blooming at I think a strange time for her but tons of buds.
Also I have one that I don't think is registered. It came from "The Hayfield" Lorrain/Lycett in Ontario. It's called "Critic's choice" but I know there is another critics choice that is registered.This is definately one of my favs!! Multiplies quickly, has a bud count of 30-35 per scape yellow with rust coloured edges, 6,1/2 inch bloom, unusual form. Nice. If I ever figure out how to post pics I will post one of it.
Love this thread. Makes my wish list grow! I love good performers. If it has a pretty face but only gives me 8-10 blooms....I don't want it!

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Mine are so new that its going to take awhile to tell. But my Wineberry Candies that I planted last year are putting on quite the show this year, so I vote for them.

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PANDORA'S BOX!! Hands down. I have also been very pleased with Holy Spirit (an old one and hard to find), blooms and blooms and blooms.

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I only have a few varieties of daylilies so I guess this is not a fair assessment but Moonlit Masquerade was fantastic. There have been many blooms and very sharp features on the blooms.


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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Moonlit Masquerade seems to get rave reviews by all who grow it so I am glad that I am adding it.

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