cooking ginger dormant yet in zone 7/8?

merrybookwyrmNovember 22, 2010

If you are growing cooking ginger root in pots outside, has your ginger started going dormant yet? Mine's just started growing new leaves! Is the rain that's happened every so often too much for it to go dormant? The pots of ginger have stayed outside on a south facing patio except when the temps were supposed to go under 40F.

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My guess would be it's moisture more than temperature. Ginger is tropical, so it wouldn't probably be used to big temperature swings. But, many tropical areas have a wet and dry season - that might be what triggers dormancy.

I have potted gingers. In the fall, I quit watering and then cut the tops off, and store the whole pot in the basement over the winter. They do try to sprout a little bit in storage, but without light and water, the sprouts just get a few inches tall before it's time to take them out in the spring.

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Thank you. The ginger is now in the house next to a south-facing patio door.

One of them is even putting up a bloom-spike!

What kind of fertilizer do you use for your ginger?

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