864 flowers on my Minaret!

sherrygirl zone5August 20, 2014

My Autumn Minaret has 36 scapes with 24 buds per scape. That's an amazing 864 flowers. Talk about a work horse! Its been blooming for about 2 weeks.


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How cool. I just bought one last week. I have one scape. But the future looks bright.

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Very nice! I remember seeing Autumn Minaret at the Chicago Botanic Garden several years ago, it made quite an impression!

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My Autumn Minaret has been blooming since the middle of July and has 11 scapes. It's almost 6 feet tall. It puts on a show!!!!


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Maryl zone 7a

Talk about getting your monies worth. That's a pretty amazing bud count. Lucky you..........Maryl

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Wow I didn't know it has such a good bud count!

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sherrygirl zone5

This one does. I have 2 more in my yard. One has about 20 scapes with on average 18 buds per scape. The other got moved last year and only has about 12 scapes now but will probably do better next season. They usually bloom for about 6 weeks.


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I have two clumps, but it has stopped blooming due to crowding and shade weather my increasing inability to bend and dig will prevent me from building new beds remains to be seen--not to mention cutting down the sumac, blackberries, lonicera, poison ivy, virginia creeper, wild grapes,oak seedlings and thorns and thistles.-----------there are also clumps of Statuesque, Challenger, and Purity in the jungle and I wish I had never bought that blasted giant miscanthus!------------Weedy

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My back fence turned into a jungle too. Looked sort of like your forest :) Wow those wild grapes.. I spent hours cleaning the fence and shrubs from it.

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