Ice and sleet...what do YOU have?

Moccasin(z9aMobileAL)January 28, 2014

Here in Mobile, we are having an ice and sleet event. None of the pretty stuff. My DH has the generator primed and ready to go if the ice which is building up on the power line from the pole to our house happens to come down. Also, the pipes are covered, and the car is moved away from the power line. Not sure if it will go that far, but at least we are fairly well prepared. The airport is closed to flights...we don't have deicing equipment, for one thing. I think everything in town is shut down and only emergency vehicles allowed. Even my car, which is black, has a white icy topside and hood.

Since this jet stream is dipping even lower than originally predicted, it is now shown below I-10, which means we are in the middle of the "wintry mix"....hang on Paula, it might be headed your way.

How goes everyone else? Up in the Carolinas, are you okay so far? Here are some shots taken between 10-11am local time. I wish to express my appreciation for places like Minneapolis and Fargo ND for so generously sending us a sample of your weather....but if you don't mind, please keep the next clipper to yourself. :)

I know it doesn't look like much, but it is out of character for our town.

Since I took this picture, my neighbor's yard turned totally white. Ouch.

Under the umbrella

The leaden sky

I know it doesn't compare to other places, but this is really crippling to many places in the south.

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It may not be as cold in Mobile as maybe here in Colorado, Mocc, but that's the thing; It's not SUPPOSED to be!! But it's TOO COLD in Mobile!

It's gotta be put in context to where it is/how cold it is, and I totally understand when you use terms like 'crippling' for your general area...I know it's not hyperbole.

Hang in there, you, your DH and your furry/feathered kids sound like you're prepared. I also hope you don't lose too many of your warm-weather plants.

Don B.

P.S. Big props to you for giving your feathered locals some extra protein to fight off the cold. Saving lives is always a nice thing to do, even if they're 'only' birds. They're part of the chain, too.

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bernd ny zone5

We here in upstate NY have the ground covered with snow for 3-4 months every winter. We scrape the driveway to prevent buildup of ice and compressed snow in the shade. Temperatures now are 15 F day time and 9 F at night. In 3 days it will go up to 32 F. In 2 months spring will begin! Bernd

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Even here in KY where it is suppose to be cold things are out of the norm. This is he first time in at least 10 years i remember temps being in the negatives and its for a week at a time. snow of 4-6 inchs where usually we get a dusting or 2 each winter. I sure hope this is all a freak happening and does not become the norm. I do always wonder what people in the south do when they get a good snow not having salt or equipment to deal with it..Does everyone just sit at home and wait for it to melt?

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sunnywood 5aChazyNY

Just got to Tucson for the Gem and Mineral Show . 70 and clear .come on down.

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By now, we've got a lot of the big snowfall cleaned up, but there are frozen-solid lumps of ice everywhere and dirty snow. Streets are mostly clear. Garden under snow cover completely. It's slippery and hazardous to walk most places. We are supposed to get a snow shower tonight, oh boy.

Sunnywood, I would LOVE to have gone to the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show. I love to look at beautiful mineral specimens and gems. I am sure I would have purchased some semi-precious beads for making jewelry and perhaps some small mineral specimens. If it weren't winter, I'd be herping around there, go to Sabino Canyon again, and definitely the Desert Museum again. Those were fantastic treats for me.

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zkathy(7a NC)

Inch and a half of snow and a low of 15. Way colder than usual but a very manageable amount of snow here. I don't think I need to worry about hostas waking up too early.

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Babka NorCal 9b

Here in Silicon Valley (low 60's today) I have to deal with picking up spent camellia blossoms. Woe is me. ;-)


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10 days ago we had a blizzard here with high winds about 40mph and blowing and drifting snow. Got about another ft. of snow. This week only light flurries but COLD COLD COLD. Temp is now 3 degrees and going to -1 tonight. W/C is -14. Schools closed and local activities cancelled. Good thing I have someone to shovel/snow blow for me when we get more. I'd freeze to death after 15 minutes of doing that.

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2 inches of snow here,and 12 degrees this morning. Nobody has been down our mountain this morning,so we are stayin' in! The secondary roads are snow and ice covered,but we have to have to go on them to get to the mains roads,and that's the problem! Phil

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Well the Hostas have the right idea, Mocc. They are sleeping in. I suggest you do the same. I hope you have a heating system in your house to keep the pipes from freezing.

The bright side is that you won't have to worry about your Hosta, even those in the ground, getting their requisite dormancy this winter. Whatever you do, don't go driving anywhere until the ice melts.


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We are having a heatwave in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

It was -5 at 4:00am but will make it up to 22 degrees by 2:00.

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bernd ny zone5

We had 1 F this morning. My son bought a new car with remote starter and heated seats, had that hummimg along this morning before he left for work.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

It's been overcast, dry and cold. I put some ice cubes in my hosta pots on Monday. They are still frozen. This is the third day in a row we've had lows in the teens. The days are getting up to mid 40's. All I can say is, yuck.

It going to warm up some on Thursday. Cross your fingers for some sunshine. I think there is some peeking through the clouds as we speak.

Stay warm, Mocc and off the streets. We Southern folks can't drive if there is any trace of ice on the streets.


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I feel for you guys "down south" who aren't really used this kind of stuff. Hang in there, it has to get better right? For us Northerners in snowy Canada, well, even my snowblower has had a tough go of it this winter. Come on Spring!

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We've had about 60" of snow so far this year with temps hovering around zero. Even St. Joesph isn't to happy with it.

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I can understand your situation there moccasinlanding. I've lived in Michigan and the harsh winters all my life except for 2 years in Huntsville AL. One winter there we had less than 2 inches of snow and everything was shut down. I had an old 58 chevy and taxied everyone around town.
"This to shall pass", think spring...

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LOL St. Joseph looks downright morose, Old Dirt!

Babka, you guys hang in there!! I hope those spent blossoms don't block any exits ; P

Don B.

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bernd ny zone5

Reading the news, in spite of correct weather forecast the governments around Atlanta did not salt at least the main roads. And once the snow was there, Police and National Guard seemed to sit on their hands until the next day. Only the population helped. Are they handling hurricanes the same way?
Since you ask, here in the North snow and ice fight is well organized. Bernd

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Dear me, amazing pics,
Here overseas we are having a freakish mild winter. Only 1-2 weeks of light frost since December,
Temps are around 32F,

And stuff starts sprouting. Crocus may do fine with a temperature dip to 17 F or less, but I fear for all the roses and shrubs, bursting buds and new leaves all over the place.

We often get a strong frost in Febr/ March. 2 winters ago a late frost killed miles and miles of cherry laurel hegdes which had started sprouting.

Fingers crossed but I just fear we haven't seen the last of the cold season here.

Take care, bye, Lin

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hostaholic2 z 4, MN

4 inches of new snow last night and this morning, a high of 8 degrees out in the boonies of MN. We haven't had a tremendous amount of snow this winter and no really big snow events, be we've had an over abundance of wind. I have drifts over 6 ft. deep in some spots.

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

We had the storm that never came. The news media put on such a show you would have thought it was the second coming. Oh I am not complaining, not me. It was freaking cold out but not far from normal. I have had to run green house heat lamps and tomorrow I will be able to turn them off. Looking forward to spring as my feet are cold. Today is the last day of January. My rest period is over and it is time to start winter clean up. Ugh! it never stops here. Be safe everyone.

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We've been snowed in since Friday, but today someone will come to plow the driveway today, and we will go to town for supplies. The driveway is 1/2 km long and it is clogged with snow up to 5' deep. Under the snow are sheets of ice from two earlier ice storms. Each ice sheet is about 3-4" thick.
I've been shovelling snow from various surfaces all week. I feel like an archeologist. The ice sheets have made everything heavier than usual.
Unfortunately, we had to cancel an anticipated visit from a friend from Quebec who we haven't seen for a long time. He makes his living by plowing snow. I figure if he says it's unsafe to drive, who am I to judge. It hasn't been an issue anyway, as we are here until the driveway can be cleaned.

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bernd ny zone5

ninamarie, now that is epic, 1/2 km long driveway with all that snow and ice!! Probably the pizza place will refuse to deliver, but snow mobiles will get through. I wish you the best!
We here had relatively little snow. In the past we had 5 ft piled up at the road, but not yet this year. I liked it being snowed in, we then also had bought all groceries the day before.

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sandyslopes z5 n. UT

Ice is the worst! 3-4" ice sheet is so dangerous. ninamarie, I hope you were able to safely get your supplies.

I really feel for all of you having such cold temperatures, especially in places where you're not used to it. May all your electricity stay on! Mocc hasn't been back. Wonder if the ice took down her line.

Hostanista, it's hard when the snow gets above the snow thrower. Been there, done that.

My yard has had a good blanket of snow which came early and has stayed, but we've had some days above freezing in January, so no complaints from me.

Remember to feed your birds and others. They need the fat in seeds or suet to help them stay warm.

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Yup, ice seems to be a lot more difficult than mere snow or rain. Everything being equal, I wouldn't have minded if it was all snow that we got.

We lost some sort of power on a couple of circuits for a while Wednesday night. My engineer DH said the power supply had lost one of its "legs" and would be repaired but in the meantime we were not loading up our also blew some part in our GFI plug, so DH fixed it to put us back in business. An odd thing happened though....I started seeing the flash of an EPIRB (Emergency Positioning Indicator Radio Beacon) used solely on boats, and it was in the dark right across the street...but I was confused by a massive flood of LIGHT everywhere, I mean INTENSE....our street light had gone out too....But meanwhile in the back of the house, unbeknownst to me....DH was watching out the BACK door the lights of a USCoast Guard rescue helicopter casting about with some high power bulbs.....just above the trees, and DH could read the letters and see the red stripe on the fuselage so no doubt what it was....just what was it doing over our house. So see, DH had half the puzzle and I had the other half, and it was almost simultaneously that we lost power on those circuits.
Of course, I realized that I was right about it being an EPIRB flashing and on such a stormy cold night, the USCG scrambled to save a vessel in distress....which was no vessel but was simply the beacon rolling around in the back of a car parked in front of a house...very careless. About 30 minutes later, the beacon stopped know they identified the location or the owner of the EPIRB and told them about it.
But you know, I am always inventing stories... I had several possible scenarios written featuring this EPIRB event. I thought it was pretty unusual.

And just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean they are not out to get me. :) (one of my favorite sayings too)

Well, we had 3 nights straight down super cold with sleet/ice/snow and there remains a bit of ice and snow in the yard. One patch of frost (there this morning) on the roof of DH workshop had melted every place except for a wide diagonal patch of tree trunk shading it. I noticed tonight that with the brightness of the day, all my solar yard lights were twinkling brightly. Hopefully we'll be warmer tomorrow night.

DH has some frostbite on his fingers, even with gloves he said. And now I'm thinking he's coming down with the flu or ague or some kind of virus. He, a native New Englander, says he has never been so cold in his life, he cannot get warm. I know that is what folks always attribute our moaning about being cold due to our normally high humidity with the cold...but that happens other places I think he is getting ill.

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mountainy man z8 Ireland

Mocc, a little paranoia is healthy! I hope your DH recovers quickly, make him a few hot whiskies and shur have one yourself.

I hope things start to return to normal for all of you over there soon and that those down south don't have too many plant losses with the cold.

This evening we got a couple if inches of snow and it's currenyly -1.2 C and we are getting a wind storm in the morning, the snow has been a nice change to all the rain we have been having, I recorded 8 inches for the month of january.


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littlebug5(z5 MO)

We have had snow on the ground since before Christmas - unusual here in north Missouri to keep snow that long.

It finally melted down this week (we were going around with our coats unbuttoned because we thought 32 degrees was a heat wave) to just a few piles here and there, and then it started snowing again this morning. A couple of inches on the ground now with a bunch more expected by morning.

I saw a flock of robins yesterday, and today I saw 5 male and 4 female cardinals in the snow under my birdfeeder. What a difference a day makes. Ugh.

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squirejohn zone4 VT

Here in central Vermont we've had very little snow this winter. About a week before Christmas we had a 10" snowfall, but not much since. Under the hemlocks where I have about 20 hostas planted there's no snow. Being hardy to Zone 3 they should make it even though the temperature has been -20^F and for several days it never got up to 0F.

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MadPlanter1 zone 5

Interesting to see your goldfinches, Mocc. Ours don't have any of the gold left, the boys look just like the girls. When the guys start coloring up I know spring is on the way.

We've had a bone dry winter. Lots of cold and wind, no moisture. There's supposed to be an inch or two of snow today, and we sure need it.

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