growing holy basil or tusil indoor

nisha_2009November 4, 2009

HI All,

I m trying to grow the Holy Basil Plant in my house. Due to cold weather, I m growing the plant as indoor plant. Recently I bought the plant light from Walmart to use as an artificial Sunlight. But I have a problem with this indoor plant (Holy Basil or Ocimum Sanctum). Recently I noticed couple of worms in the Pot. I m really scared of these worms. And also sometimes, I notice, some insects on the plant.

1) Is there any spray to kill these worms and insects with out harming the plant?

2) where can I buy the spray?

3) Will the spray be harmful to people if we smell the same air in the house?

4) Also Is there any fertilizer for the holy Basil to grow well as an indoor plant.

5) What is the name of the fertilizer?

Please let me know.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Worms as in earthworms? Earthworms are peaceful tillers of soil that make the earth friable and rich with their castings. Learn to co-exist with them and in fact be happy for them if they are earthworms.

If they are something else, you will need to supply more details.

As far as holy basil, I bring holy basil in each winter. My oldest plant is 3+ years. Here in the frozen North where we have winter weeks of little to no sunshine, I usually just have them in a place next to a window that gets whatever meager sun we get. I don't use a plant light for them. They aren't happy but the survive the winter to flourish outdoors in the warm season. A plant light should make them much happier, Be sure ****NOT**** to overwater.


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HI FataMorgana,

I been waiting for someone to respond to my question.
Thanks a lot for the response.

The worm which I noticed is not earthworm. I was moving so fast when I sprinkled some water on the Tulsi pot. I was really scared. It is more like a transparent worm.

Also I m really sacred of the worms.

So please suggest me "THE BEST SPARY" which kills these worms and doesnt give any bad impact for the Tulsi or the people who breath that air.

Also please suggest me the best fertilizer to feed my Tulsi.

Please provide the instructions on how to feed the plant.

Again I appreciate for your response.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Perhaps it was a soil nematode of some sort. You can google up soil nematode for pictures & info.

As far as chemical pesticides & fertilizers, I can't help you. I don't use them. Allergies, real bad to that stuff. I hand pick pests from plants in the garden and squash. I don't have to worry about chemical safety or my allergies that way plus I'm not indiscriminately killing beneficial insects either. Best for all involved!

I don't fertilize my tulsi either. Many herbs don't require it and in fact some resent fertilizers. I use compost and organic material to enrich gardens and plants. Tulsi seems to do best in average garden soil for me - I direct sow it as seed in the spring and dig & pot before frosts. In other words, it doesn't need fussing and fertilizer.


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If you are so frightened of an innocent 'worm', I suggest that you put the plant outside for a while. The 'worm' might meet others of its kind and elope to somewhere else.

Perhaps you'd be happier with repotting your plant, using fresh potting mix. Get someone else to do the job if you can't do it yourself.

That way, you won't have to be concerned about sprays and such.

If you keep your plant in a pot forever, you'll need to fertilise it from time to time. A handful of compost is the best fertiliser around, and good for topping up the levels in pots. You'll need a fair-sized pot, too.

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I am also growing my Tulsi indoors. It gets sunlight through the window. However after 2yrs, the plant seems to not doing so well. It has fewer leaves and the leaves are not fresh light green like they once used to be.

I don't think I am overwatering .. may be the soil is old? There are no worms - I am scared to introduce them. I think I must add some fertilizers or manure or something but just don't know what to use - never done it before and I am scared I will mess it up even more. If you know something about this, could you please share your knowledge with me here so I can save my plant?

Thank you,

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I've had a tulsi indoors for about 1.5 years. Over the last 2 weeks, it started to not look so good. I think it just came to the end of its days. Being indoors is hard on a plant that loves full sun. Start a new plant from seed. Dead simple to grow from seed. Can try cuttings from your current plant as well.


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Thank you so much for the response. I would really like to give it one more try to revive it before I do what you say .. I would like to explore the option of rejuvenating the soil using products that can enhance its nutrition value for example.

Is there a specific fertilizer / compost brand (any other such product) that I can purchase in the US from somewhere that is known to work well for Tulsi plants? As I am in the US, would Walmart have it for instance? Please share your knowledge on this .. thank you ..

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

I never fertilize tulsi.


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I have had a great success growing Holy Basil (Tulsi) both indoors and outdoors. Instead of using soil, I prefer to use a blend of peat moss, perlite, and some bark. I use foliage fertilizer (vf-11) as well as slow release granules mixed with the grow media. My current plant is about a year old and it's reaching close to 7 ft. Tall! Last winter, instead of bringing it indoors, I used a garden umbrella to protect it and moved it in a corner in my patio close to walls and it survived. I harvest a few leaves routinely for my tea but it has kept up pretty well. I have completely switched to Ikea self watering containers for my patio garden and so far so good. See photos.

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One more photo..

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Some Tulsi are annuals.

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