Some really old pictures from way back when.

silverkelt(Z5b/Southern Maine)August 15, 2012

These are before 3 more kids and two moves.. I honestly lost a # of pictures from this time from like 2005-2007 becuase a computer crashed, I back up kids pictures but lost alot of my garden pictures.

Even before I joined , or heard of gardenweb (I had a wonderful 28.8 k modem connection back then) I liked daylilies, I had probably a hundred, most of these I never took with me with my moves, and the rest ended up at my moms house. I wish now I kept the pictures on backups.. I only have a few left from back then.

Barbara Mitchell..

Love Gift..

Country Melody..

Princton Silkly

Good Ol Strawberry Candy,

Moonlight Masquerade

A minature Siloam June Bug.. I had like 20 siloams.. but sorry all those pics are gone..

Karen Carpenter..

and this is going to kill me.. as I dont remember the name.. someone must recognize it.

This all started becuase Celeste posted nile plum, a daylily I had back then.. but didnt have a picture for it.

Feel free to post some of your old ones that you grew back when..

Thanks for letting me remember a less responsible time in my life ! HA, life was grand , even if my commute to work wasnt.


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mizellie(z7 Al)

I do love those pinks silverkelt! like the daylilies, the photos are gone along with the pics...Sorry! Ellie

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I love these, but it figures since I gravitate toward simpler forms. Love Princeton Silky, for it's a winner in our garden; didn't see much of Strawberry Candy since I was gone in June, but it is a "wax and wane" bloomer here, so maybe it was in "wane" mode. Your other pinks are pretty, and I like the purple. Avedon

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Your last one looks a bit like a picture of Strutter's Ball in which the camera produced a too reddish pic (not uncommon).

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Moonlight Masquerade is quite lovely.

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