Bug ID?

shear_stupidity(9B)August 27, 2013

Saw this guy yesterday. What is it?

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bamboo_rabbit(9A Inverness FL)

Click beetle..some people call them snap beetles, they click or snap when disturbed. Yours would be a eyed click beetle. I don't know the latin name of the top of my head. They do feed on plant matter and I do crunch them.

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He was moving so fast, I could hardly get a clear picture. He got away, but I'll be on the lookout now.

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brute(Florida 9B)

When I was a kid, I'd flip these beetles over on their backs when I encountered them. They then would snap their bodies with an audible "click" which would launch them several inches into the air. Most of the time they would land on their feet and scurry off. If not, they'd keep trying until they did.
When I used to turkey hunt in the Florida panhandle, I'd often encounter hognose snakes in the woods. Because of my prodding, they'd coil up, puff up, hiss, and generally look ferocious. When I kept teasing them, they'd then drop that bluff and roll over on their backs and play dead.
I would then roll them over on their bellies and they would immediately roll over on their backs again.
Strange behavior for a "corpse."
Sometimes I'd encounter a raccoon in broad daylight on these hunts. I'd then rush forward, stomping and huffing. The coon would then race to the nearest tree, usually a young pine. As it climbed, I would kick the trunk repeatedly, vibrating the tree and making the coon think I was climbing up after him. He would then go as high as possible, to the very tippy-top, sorta looking like a pitiful, furry Christmas tree angel. There, he would sway in the wind, looking down at me as I walked off in triumph.
Looking back, I think I understand why I didn't kill many turkeys in those days.
I was too busy molesting other wildlife. :-)

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