easyquiltsJuly 11, 2012

Hi... This is my first post.... My name is Sandy, and I am thinking of beginning to can..... I have been doing a lot of research, and watching uTube videos.

I have two questions:

1. I did not realize that canning was recipe specific, until I came to this forum. I have been watching a particular canner on uTube, whi has been canning for a while, and has done some instructional videos. She cans her "own" spehgeti and chili, as well as other things. She times her processing by doing the time needed for the food that takes the longest. For instance, if there are veggies and beef, she uses the time needed for the beef. She has never mentioned needing to use a specific chili or spegheti sauce recipe . Is this OK.

2. I want to buy a 16 quart Presto canner. but cannot decide whether to buy the one with a jiggler only, and the one with a gauge and weight. Which is the best for a beginner. I understand that the guage can be inaccurate, and that many people who have the guage, actually convert it into a jiggler canner, by buying a three piece jiggler. I have no idea which one is the terms of keepin the food safe....for a total newbie.

HELP!!! I'm totally confused...


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Hi Sandy and welcome!

Question #1 - No it is not OK, not considered safe. There are many unsafe sources of canning information on the web, uTube videos included. Unless a site stipulates that they follow the USDA guidelines for safe canning practices then until one gains the knowledge and experience to recognize the risky practices some use it is best to avoid those sites. Stick with the tested and approved sources for canning instructions.

Question #2 - Weighted canners are considered more accurate (safer) and easier to use than are gauged canners. You can buy either model but if you buy the one with the gauge then we recommend you order the 3 piece weight set to convert it.

Some canners, especially when new, prefer to have the comfort of both the weights and the gauge so that choice is up to you.

My only suggestion would be if you are going to buy the 16 qt with the gauge and buy the separate weight set rather than the weight one alone, then go ahead and buy the 23 qt model instead. It is only a few dollars more but lets you use it as a BWB canner too and allows for more stacking. Just a suggestion to consider.

The link below will take you to NCHFP the recognized approved source for recipes and instructions. Spend some time exploring it and also pick up a copy of the Ball Blue Book, the basic canning bible.


Here is a link that might be useful: NCHFP

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Welcome, Sandy! Ditto what Dave said. I think once you get started canning you'll become addicted to it like most of the rest of us have.

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Thanks forn the welcome, and the advice. This is a big step for me, snd I am s little nervous.

I had thought of the 16qt. Presto... It certainly makes more sene. I am, however, concerned about the weight. I have a Frigidaupir stove (the company says you can can on it), and I sm very short...4ft. 10pm., to be exact. I'm a little worried about my ability to safely move a 23qt. Canner, filled with very hot water. OTOH, the larger size would be more practical.

What do you think?

I thought the jiggler was more. accurate than the the guage....after all, the guage can become inaccurate, and you would never know. It might be confusing to have both a guage and a jiggler..... What happens when they don't match up? Since the jiggler is more accurate, you would have to go with that, so why have the guage?

I may get the 23qt., bring it home, weigh it....filled with jars and bottles, and see how it goes. I can always take it back, and exchange it for the smaller one. I know it should nit exceed 50 pounds.

Thanks again.... This is a great site.


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Sandy, I have my mother's ancient 23 qt. weighted canner and love it. I am 5' tall, even though the Air Force declared me 5'1" to enlist me in 1962, I just prepare myself to move the canner when it's finished the canning time (its already on the stove with the super hot water in it when I fill it with jars)and move it to another area of my stove rather than moving it to a counter. That way I don't have to pick it up more than the minimum when moving it. That said, you will need to pick the size you are most comfortable with.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

I'm a little worried about my ability to safely move a 23qt. Canner, filled with very hot water.

Honestly, you never have to do that anyway. There is never any reason to be toting a full hot canner anywhere that I can think of. I know I never have in almost 50 years of canning.

Put the canner on the stove, fill it with water using a pitcher or such. When finished processing you don't want to move it anyway until it cools enough to remove the jars. Then you can just slide the canner out of the way - it only has 3-4 inches of water in it - or you can dip out most of the warm water and then lift it.


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