AHS Online Auction 2014

medabber(3b)January 1, 2014

AHS Online Auction 2014

MARK YOUR CALENDARS! January 11th is coming soon which means that the annual AHS Online Auction will start SOON! The event will once again run for two weeks, January 11th - 25th. We have been receiving donations throughout the past few weeks and are ready to handle more. Each year I am personally excited as I see what you all have come up with in the realm of new and exciting, never before released plants. Each year it is moving to receive many of our favorite nurseries delve into their new releases as well as gardeners select from their own gardens a favorite or two as an offer. Each year, I am overwhelmed with the generosity from our many donors. Each year, I am grateful for the support and technology resources received by Bob Axmear. This event simply does NOT happen without all of these things coming together.

Never donated an item? No problem. New and exciting hosta, classic hosta that new comers will enjoy as much as you have enjoyed, hard to find collector plants, companion plants, books, garden art, all have been donated and well received in the past. Simply send me both a photo (we can often help if you do not have one) and a description including enough detail for the bidders to understand what the item is. We can work together on the write-up for clarity if need be, our experience on our end may help with follow-up questions that we anticipate bidders may be curious about. We will make it work!

We, yes, I am pleased to let you know that Joanna Kovalcsik, AKA Jojo, has joined me this year. She loves to write with a flare that I think you will enjoy, a change of pace from mine!

Any descriptions and photos of offerings that can reach us within the next two weeks helps us be prepared for the opening day, January 11th. We will continue to post items and process new arrivals throughout the two week running of the auction.

Help spread the word to your hosta friends via personal emails, forums, and phone calls. Membership in the AHS is NOT required to take part in this auction. Of course we do encourage and welcome those wishing to become a member.

Look for a link to the auction sometime this weekend or early next week. Tips, updates, clarifications, etc. will be posted in the "non-bid important news" section of the auction postings like previous years. Be sure to keep checking these since this is were any corrections are posted.

Consider continued participation this year or joining in the fun if you have not done so in the past. Simply send me a request to be added to our group mailing list for periodic updates and auction news by sending me a personal message with your email address and request to be added.

Looking forward to working with you again,

Don Dean

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bernd ny zone5

This Auction is starting on coming Saturday, the auction's format is up on the Hosta Library.

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Just half a day away.
I'm just watching this year:)


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funnthsun z7A - Southern VA

Nothing up yet, right? Other than informational posts? My first AHS auction, so just making sure I'm not missing something...

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bernd ny zone5

This will start later today, with plants and seeds being added over the next 2 weeks I remember. So we all have enough time getting our Hosta money ready. Bernd

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They are offering the Journals on DVD for $40.00. My DW got me the set for Christmas and I am really enjoying them.

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Okay, I went and looked, but found nothing except the Hosta Library Auction.

Can someone give me the link to the Auction itself?
I'm late!

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Try this link

Here is a link that might be useful: 2014 AHS Online Auction

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just looked over it and ther are some very nice ones up for sale..H."erotica" really has my eye but I need to do a few more pre orders before I throw down big hosta money

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bernd ny zone5

moccassin, go to the Hosta Library page, and in the very middle there is the link to the AHS Auction. (The usual Library Auction with the moving arrow is right below on that page, but you do not want to click on that.)

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I went to it, and did not realize that from there I must click at the bottom of the 2nd page to get to the hosta listings. But I found it. Have one bid in now, before everything goes UP. Plus, AllNitro gave me the spot directly. Thanks for the help. I'm rather groggy this week.

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bernd ny zone5

I could not bid, they did not take my Hosta Library Auction password. Then I did their own registration, did not receive a password yet.

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Bernd, the same thing happened to me. I REREGISTERED, using the same name. Then it took a while for the interim password to arrive. Like a couple of hours. I used that to sign in to my auction account or whatever, and changed my password to a personal one.

Of course after that happened, I had to bid on at least ONE hosta, don't cha kno. It happened to be H. 'Plum Pudding.'
I have Sugar Plum also from Bob Solberg, and I think this is related to it. At least, it appears on the "New 2014" hostas up on the Solberg website.

Get back in there, Bernd, it is something happy to think about.

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Hello all,
January 15th indicated a server issue with one of the servers involved in running this auction. Your own personal service provider's server, the AHS's server, and the webmaster's server which sends out the email messages for passwords and out bid notices, etc. The service provider for generating emails was the culprit. This meant that all bids were going through and those registered prior to Wednesday could participate. Those that had been outbid could see they were outbid but only by checking the item page, not by relying upon an email notification.

This email generation step was clear by mid-day Wednesday. All is well in the universe again.

The most common problem of not receiving passwords when first registering has been that the email goes to folk's spam or junk mail folder. This is on the registrant's end of the communication. Check your folders and either click not junk or drag to your inbox (each email software is a bit different). This action of approving of mail coming into you will indicate to your spam filter that you want future emails from that address.

Appreciate your interest and enthusiasm!

Have fun and grab one of the treasures posted.

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bernd ny zone5

Moccasin, I am in there, got my password. There will be more getting added. I like those large hosta seeds of Jeff Miller for next year. I have too many good looking seedlings this year to buy new plants, because I have not much space left. By far not all my plants are mature yet, and some of them will have very tight spaces lateron.
But they have a very good offering this year. Bernd

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Last day this Saturday. Oodles of new items posted the past three evenings in all three categories. Check it out!

Here is a link that might be useful: AHS Auction page

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bernd ny zone5

Hi medabber,
I understand that Auction time is Eastern Standard Time.
Otherwise I am a little confused. I read in several items on the Auction page :
"each item to close at posted time + 5 minute pause from the last bid posted."
I understand that this '+' is not a '-' or an 'or', but is an 'and'. How can you close at 2 different times?

1. Does that mean, when the item is scheduled to close at 19:30 posted time and the last bid is my bid at 19:29:00, then the results of the bids on this item will be displayed at 19:34, but not at 19:35?
2. In case someone else bids at 19:29:30 as the last bidder, then he will win that item, though the final display is 5 minutes later.
Thank you! Bernd

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bkay2000(8a TX)

Bernd, some people wait until the very last minute to bid hoping to keep the price down. It used to be done a lot when Ebay was in it's heyday (I think they call it sniping). The point is - if someone comes in with a last minute bid, then the person who thought he had it won, has another 5 minutes to bid. It also serves the purpose of getting a last minute bidding war going thus raising the price of the object. The restaurant equipment auctioneers [here] do the same thing.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


If people keep bidding against each other in the final 5 minutes then the auction continues. It's extended by five minutes with each successive bid.

So if you bid at 19:29, it goes until 19:34. If the next bid comes in at 19:33, then it goes to 19:38, and so on until someone gives up and lets it go. I've seen some go on and on for 20 minutes or more after the original end time.


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Thanks for walking me through that 5 minute feature which I did not understand.

Today and tomorrow, then it's over until next month.

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bernd ny zone5

This is an Aha! moment for me! So it is different this time, at least I did not notice that it worked this way before.

At the last auction in one seed item I waited it out to just before post time and got it. The other two items were at 10:30 pm, too late for me then, so I bid at 8:00 pm, and to great surprise, nobody was lurking to snatch it away, and I got those too.
Thanks to all explaining those 5 mins to me, so it could go on and on!

This post was edited by berndnyz5 on Fri, Jan 24, 14 at 14:20

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