Can I freeze chives and green onions?

buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)July 30, 2011

I have bountiful harvests of chives and green onions right now but there are only two of us and we can't eat them all at once. I do plant the onions multiple times for them to be ready at different times but still it is feast or famine.


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I do. Just snip them into ziploc bags. Then just open a bag and throw a bit into whatever I'm cooking.

I tried to dehydrate them once, but I just couldn't get them "dry" enough - they ended up tough and stringy.

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kriswrite(zone 8)

Yes, I agree. Go ahead and chop them up however you usually use them and stick them in Ziplock freezer bags. In each bag, only put in an amount you typically use at one time.

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The little "snack" bags are quite useful for portions, however, they are storage not freezer bags so you get some air leakage. I put the scissor-snipped chives or the small sliced green onions in these little bags, then put them in a quart canning jar with a used lid and band. Saves space and labeling is done once on the jar, not every single little bag.

I also do this for black olives that I buy in huge cans and divvy up portions for pizza, diced yellow onions, chopped garlic, prepared leeks, and shredded cheeses. I call my freezer the "frozen pantry" since my flours, cornmeal/masa, oatmeal, dry yeast, and cooked rice live there too.


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buyorsell888(Zone 8 Portland OR)

Great ideas, thanks

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