Aloe vera

springroseNovember 16, 2008


I gave my aloe vera to my boyfriend and went he planted it on ground at his place it slowly turned red instead of green. We have no idea why is this but it was able to produce flower during spring season while the rest of my aloe vera's at my place is still green but has not produced any flower this spring season. Anyone has any idea why the aloe has turned red?

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The leaves turn a rusty red colour when it has been over-watered.

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I also find that aloe vera can get sunburned, believe it or not. If I place my aloe in a southern window, it gets that red coloration like a sunburn. I always have my aloe in an eastern or western window and they do fine indoors. When I take them outdoors for the summer, it's the same thing. Morning or late afternoon light is okay, but direct sun seems to burn them.

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