Lavender maintenance

tracydr(9b)December 12, 2011

I have a Spanish lavender. I've trimmed it back and I was wondering if I could divide it. I've had it for about two years.

If not, can I propagate it from cuttings?

Also, are the other types of lavenders as heat and drought hardy? Which ones bloom longer? Are any of them easy to start from seed?

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I've started a lot of lavender plants from seed. Hybrid varieties probably won't come true, but the ones I've started had a very "lavendery" scent so I didn't worry about whether they were exactly like the parent. Wintersowing them works for me.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Search back posts for info on propagating lavender. I believe daisy has posting how to take and start cuttings multiple times.


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Thanks! I've seen a lot of lavender seeds on places like Pinetree but I've heard they're hard to start. I hate to spend money on a bunch of plants but lavender does so well here.
Does the French and English lavender do as well with heat and drought as the Spanish types? My Spanish lavender does amazing in AZ, practically like a native plant!

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Ok, so I'll make some cuttings and divide. Now, can I have a lavender 101 class on the other types of lavenders and how to start from seed? I'm thinking about buying some seed but don't want to bother if they won't do well in the desert. Also, are some lavenders really difficult to start from seeds?
Which lavenders bloom for longer periods of time? My lavender blooms a short time in the early spring and then it's done. I'd like some blooms throughout the summer. I'll be planting in full sun, mixing with various
salvias , butterfly weed ,mints, catnips and other herbs to make a butterfly/hummingbird/bee garden around the edge of my veggie garden.

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