It's time for a new privacy fence...ugh.

saintpflaAugust 18, 2014

Mine is falling apart. It's been 14 years, so I got a good run.

So....I know when you talk to fence companies - they ALL tell you the essentially raze the property line where the fence goes.

Is this something that I "have" to do? Or, just what they tell you is required?

I have a lot of vines....well-established, beautiful, flowering and privacy providing vines. Also, tall, well established shrubs pretty shrubs.

I don't want to hack everything down to the ground.

How have you mitigated your plant loss while having your new fence installed?


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We didn't. Our fencing had plants on our side and the neighbors sides. We couldn't ask the neighbors to cut their bushes down.

Fence guy dug a trench along the property line. We did give up a few large plants we didn't care about. But anything else got their roots cut along the trench.

Fence went in, plants grew back in the same year and seem to be even healthier than before.

Its not necessary to dig up the plants. The fence company we used had a power tool which cut the trench along with whatever roots were in the way.


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Thanks Jane! Good to know!

I think they 'tell' you to do this because they want it done as easy possible - and don't care how your yard will look after.

Are you in FL or was this done in NY?

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We're in Sarasota, Florida. I just want to say that we got estimates from 4 different companies. Everyone said we would have to remove or cut to the ground, all our bushes. When I inquired about our neighbors bushes, they told us we'd have to cut them back too.

We then called tree companies to find out what it would cost to remove many of the trees and shrubs. Small fortune!

We had just moved from NY and didn't know our neighbors. Some lived out of State. I got some names and phone numbers from the HOA and tried to reach them. It wasn't pleasant and we decided to forget the fence and just plant more bushes.

Quite by accident, I met a young man who worked in commercial fencing. I asked him if he could do residential fencing. He came to our house, gave us an estimate and said he could install without removing anything! We were amazed.

He came with a crew and they dug a long ditch just the size of the fence posts. Installed the fence (board on board) and we love it. Did a beautiful job.

We didn't lose a single tree or shrub. I'll see if I can find pics of the trench. It'll give you an idea what I'm talking about.

Good luck,

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