Any words of wisdom on starting comfrey from seed?

t-bird(Chicago 5/6)December 22, 2011

these are fairly pricy - 10 seeds for $4 - so not a lot of room for error....

says "sow in cool soils of early spring with germ in 30 days as soil warms. Or, give 30 days refridgeration in moist soil in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar and then sow in the garden or in pots"

Strange details!

anyone with success? Thinking this may be a candidate for "winter sowing" out of doors....will also trouble that community for advice, have never winter sown, it seems alien to me, lol! But this seed seems to call for it....

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Do you desire a particular variety not available in plants or root cuttings? Because that is how I usually see comfrey for sale instead of seeds. If your seeds don't work out, check out Richters or Horizon Herbs for plants and roots for sale.

I've no experience in comfrey seed-starting. I've always gotten it in plants or root cuttings. I would guess most have similar experiences.


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t-bird(Chicago 5/6)

Thanks FataM - I'm just cheap I guess.....

In particular, the bocking 17 (14?) sometimes called russian is highly sought after as it is sterile (thus from roots/cuttings) and non aggressive, as the regular comfrey is.

I'm going with the regular "true comfrey" as getting that bocking #?? is so pricey, but I really want the comfrey for it's composting abilities, and as mulch, and hope to use it as aggressively as it tries to invade....

Also - will have on hand readily for topical application for injuries.....

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

re your 'Oregano that ate Chicago'. Watch out for the Comfrey - when happy it will eat the Oregano first and then eat Chicago. Here it grows wild by rivers and in wet ditches. That tells you the conditions it likes. It grows a good 3 feet tall and wide, lush with a huge tap root. Not a Mediterranean-type herb at all. As for the price: for Symphytum officinale, basically a weed, that sounds like a massive rip-off to me.

I have the Bocking variety, and although it does not seed it certainly spreads and will grow from any scrap of root.

I grow it for compost and liquid fertiliser. If you are considering using it medicinally you need to be aware that it is potentially dangerous and needs expert knowledge.

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