Basil losing Leaves and very limp

Gardener103December 24, 2013


I've had a very strange symptom appear on my basil.
I have had them outside for 2 days, and it's been raining for quite some time. When I brought them in, they were fine.

However, the next morning, one of the plants was completely leafless and very limp, as if it has withered completely!

I would greatly appreciate any help, as I am completely shocked by what has happened to it.

I have other basil plants that were outside too, and they seem very healthy.
It was in the 60's, and the rain was just drizzling.


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HotHabaneroLady(7a Central MD)

I was tempted to put mine outside during the unseasonable warm spell we just had too! But I ultimately did not. At a guess, I could imagine that maybe the plant was overly watered, especially if the container it grows in has poor drainage. I know the rain wasn't heavy, but we did get a lot of it. At least here in Montgomery County. My other guess might be shock from an abrupt change from heat to warmth, especially if it had been staying somewhere like a cold windowsill. If you had it out yesterday, the cold would also do it no favors. These are just semi-wild guesses though!

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

How can you grow basil in Maryland, in December ?

Basil is a REAL WARM weather herb. I have killed so many of them in May, one month after last frost , even later. It is very cold sensitive. Falling leaves is due to cold.

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I doubt taking your basil out for some rain killed it as long as you brought in back indoors before that cold front. The plant was probably already in decline. I lugged all my tropicals outside last weekend for the warm rains, including strong tropicals (coconuts, etc) without any problems. True, basil is very tropical herb, but temps locally at least were in the low 70's with mid 60's lows--too mild for cold damage...even for basil.

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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

Even though the air temp was in the 60's, the rain could have been much colder - as I would guess the case to be in this time of the year. Plus if your plants are not hardened to rain, they could suffer much damage from that. All in all, basil shouldn't be outdoors unless it is summer or summer weather.


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