'Poolscaping' help

mjj047sAugust 19, 2014

Was looking to put some liriope/monkey grass along the back part of my pool deck PIC1 (which we're planning on resurfacing/staining soon) - could you suggest a better plant? I think 25 of them (@ $2 a plant) is a good, cheap alternative.

Additionally, do you think I should do anything to the other side? PIC2 - thanks in advance!!!

Saving for a new fence...will add landscaping around the fence line when finished.

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pic 2

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I have a few ideas but if I were you, I'd post this question on the Landscape Design Forum. They are really good at handling tricky landscaping plans. Make sure you put your Zone and the area you live, in your message and what your sun conditions are like (North, South, East, West).


Here is a link that might be useful: Landscape Design

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Thanks Jane, I'll do that (can I delete this post, or just leave it be?)

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Liriope should be fine, Crotons might also look nice, they are pretty low maintenance and not messy. I like tropical stuff so I also vote for some heliconia, elephant ears. Lakeview Jasmine also makes a nice ( fragrant) evergreen hedge.

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Any reason why you want to go with a low growing plants like liriope there? Not to knock your fence, but unless you're replacing it, I would be tempted to plant something taller to screen it all the way around and then plant lower stuff in front of it, to give the garden a more enclosed feel. Example: podocarpus hedge with lowere plants of contrasting texture in front of it, near the walk. Or if you didn't want to trim the hedge you could use a mix of tall but narrow upright plants, again with lower plants in front.


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