Question About Transplanting Daylilies

alameda/zone 8August 20, 2012

I have some daylilies that need to be moved, some I need to repot for awhile until I rework a bed and some in pots that need to be planted. Can I do this now or should I wait until it cools off? I am in east Texas - it is in the mid 90's and still hot but not bad. At least 94 doesnt seem bad to me after last summer of 105 daily for 3 months......I still have 3 blooming - Beautiful Edgings, Amber Spyglass and Ultraviolet Mood has a big bloom scape. Thanks for any advice!

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beachlily z9a

I'm in 9a in FL. Here on the beach, we seldom reach over 90 degrees. I start moving and planting in late Oct/early Nov. with the intention of ending by Thanksgiving. Plants really appreciate the cooler weather and it's much easier to keep them hydrated than it is with higher temps. If it is easy for you, maybe wait a month, pot up what you need to empty the bed. Finish the bed and let it set for a while and then replant. Good luck!!

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alameda/zone 8

I have about 20 lilies, about half of them small fans, that I need to pot up temporarily. Also forgot to mention.....I have bought some from the Lily Auction that will arrive probably in September - not sure whether to pot those up or put them right in the garden. Any suggestions on that? By Sept., it will probably be a good bit cooler so might be better to put them in the ground so the roots can grow....but not sure. Thanks for the advice!

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I have 4 daylilies ordered that should arrive by September 28. Unless we are having a horrendous heat wave, they will be planted directly in the ground. Also, we will put up a shade cover, but only if we think it is absolutely necessary. Avedon

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Pot them up and keep them in the shade until the weather cools.

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alameda/zone 8

Thanks, will do that. Dont want to take any chances!

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