What is eating or biting my Basil plant?

neonrainDecember 18, 2008

I decided this year to bring my herbs indoors for the Winter in hopes if keeping them from going dormant. Since my basil was outdoors, I noticed bites on the leaves but never saw anything. Now that it is indoors with the others on a wide window ledge with the windows closed since Winter has arrived here already, I can't understand why the leaves are being bitten? I did notice when it got dark yesterday, that there was a cream colored worm-y looking thing on one of the leaves? Regardless of what it is, how did it get inside let alone climb the wall to get to the ledge when the window is shut?

Am I going to have problems with bugs and insects indoors?

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The egg was probably laid on the plant or in soil.

As to the question about bugs and insects, if you garden indoors or out you will have critters. Some are good and some are bad. They come with plants and life in general. To me they are something to accept as part of nature.

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