Growing herbs in same container

sepandeeDecember 26, 2010

I have a big container and some herbs that I want to grow. However, I'm not sure which herbs are grown best with other herbs in the same container. For example, one of hte herbs is mint, and I'm sure mint will just invade every other herb's soil.

So here are the herbs (already grown up to at least 6 inches in smaller, individual containers):

Cuban oregano


Sweet Basil


English? Thyme


Celery (hmm, not an herb!)

Sweet Mint



Chive (I believe it's some variety of onion chive since it's tube-like, but too big compared to standard onion chives)



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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

This is an often asked question here. The simple answer is that 1.) each herb has specific conditions it requires which may be at odds with conditions other herbs require and 2.) that many of these herbs can get quite sizable and will not be good neighbors in a container.

For best results, plant one type of herb to a container.


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fatamorgana2121(Zone 5/6)

If you have to plant herbs together, group as much as you can to needs of the plants.

Also planting annuals like dill with perennials is not advisable in my opinion. They grow fast and die. Best to keep annuals with other annuals.

By the way, what do you mean by "sweet mint?" The cherokee sweet mint I grew was Pycanthemum incanum. I suspect you mean something else. What is the botanical name for the "sweet mint" that you have?


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I agree with Fata, though--they would probably each be happiest in their own pot.

Chives usually looks better in a pot of its own because it forms an attractive round clump.

Thyme is quickly overshadowed by almost any other plant, as it is so tiny. Rosemary is usually OK with it in in my zone, as it grows slowly here, but that can become huge in zone 11. Tarragon has never thrived for me, which might mean it would do well in your zone and grow quickly, in which case it would also be able to overtake the thyme.

Oregano usually grows quite a bit more quickly than either rosemary or thyme, but might do OK near the fennel and dill, as it could spill over the sides and still get sun.
Fennel and dill are several feet tall-- almost grasslike in general shape, whereas marjoram is usually more of a spreader. Fennel and dill will cross with each other if allowed to pollenate each other.

If your pot is rectangular rather than round you might have more luck with combinations, as you could space them out more.

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If your growing Tarragon from seeds its russian tarragon and i would avoid it!

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