Chartruese Parsley?

Mickie Marquis(6 SW Ohio)December 31, 2012

I was at Bellingrath gardens last winter when they were just putting out their annual gardens. They had underplanted some delphinium with a plant such a bright chartruese I didn't recognize it as parsley. The volunteers that day said it was just a standard curled parsley. It had been in the ground a few weeks and every plant was that bright yellow green. They were healthy looking. Has anyone ever seen a vivid yellow-green curled parsley? If so, what is the cultivar?

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

No response yet, so I'll just make a couple of suggestion. I have never seen, nor been able to find on line, a chartreuse parsley. My only guess is that either this parsley was suffering from some sort of deficiency or disease, or that is was not true parsley and the volunteers did not know its correct name. Maybe something on the lines of Chrysanthemum parthenium 'Aureum'? Parsley would be a slightly odd choice of bedding as it bolts easily if transplanted at any size other then very small. C p 'A' is quite commonly used as edging.

Here is a link that might be useful: Golden Feverfew

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Mickie Marquis(6 SW Ohio)

Thanks, flora! I didn't think it was a disease because so many plants looked the same. I would guess in that grand allee there would be a few dozen flats and they were all the same color. Not impossible, but unlikely that all be chlorotic. Also - I broke a stem off, it was definitely parsley. the stems were stiff and leaves glossy; unlike those of feverfew. Also odd for it to be a sport with so many plants used!

They bed out several times a year at Belllingrath, so I really don't think they would worry the parsley would bolt in that time period.

I appreciate your suggestions - I hope someone else has seen thisa and responds; it was quite lovely and a beautiful 'groundcover' for those majestic delphs!

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

You give them call and ask. I'd be interested to know too.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

Sorry to sound so brusque, organicmickie. I left out the word 'could'. You COULD give them a call. I wasn't issuing instructions!

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