Any idea why my basil is black/brown at the edges? - pics attache

JamesATXDecember 9, 2012

I'm pretty new to gardening and I have two different basil plants that have been growing all year in fairly large pots. Pretty much the entire year they have this black stuff around the edges. From there they get yellow and start to go brown/black.

I'm guessing its some sort of fungus? But honestly I have no clue. The new leaves don't have it, but after they have been around a few weeks bamb they get hit.

Here are links to the pictures:
Plant A -
Plant B - in better shape but still has some brown/yellow issues with the leaves

I am hoping some of you gardening experts can help advise me on what is the problem and what I can do to fix it.

Thank You!


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I grew some basil a few years back that got the same thing. I just picked off the afflicted leaves and removed them from the area before disposing of them and it cleared up on my plants. I believe that it is a fungus of sorts which is why I say not to just drop the leaves at the base of the plant but to remove them from the area completely. You may also want to watch when you water it for a bit to make sure that you are getting the leaves too wet which would make for an ideal habitat for things to grow.

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