Bringing rosemary back around

ryank817December 21, 2012

I picked up a Huntington Carpet Rosemary plant, and it started looking pretty puny before I was able to plant it, i.e. all the foliage turned brown, sprigs falling off. Should I just leave it like it is and see what happens, or should I just trim it all back down to the ground and let some new growth come in?

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chervil2(z5 MA)

I am guessing you need to go shopping again (:

By cutting off the dead growth, you may see some green leaves that could offer you hope with this plant.

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CA Kate

IMHO this plant is dead.

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homegrown54(z6 SE Ohio)

You sure it likes that pine mulch? If I'm not mistaken, that makes the soil acidic.
Just a thought. I'd move to a more alkaline spot, no trimming and leave it be.

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That plant looks dead to me. Rosemary are supposed to be evergreen. Look around the base for any signs of life. If there aren't any, get a new plant!

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I have to agree that it is most likely dead. I have lost 2 so far and they both started looking that way it did not take long before they were completely gone. That is why I keep saving cuttings for new starters. Our soil in this part of Texas is alkaline and it seems to well here but can still suddenly up and croak.

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Looks pretty dead to me, too. My cascading rosemary did that recently for no reason that I could figure out. It had been in a large container for several years.

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