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Diane1RNAugust 17, 2014

About a year ago I purchased a Port Charlotte home that was in pretty rough shape. There is a beautiful mango tree in the yard which (believe it or not) produced 700 mangoes last year and about half that amount (but larger) this year. The tree had been neglected for about 3 years so was surprised it produced so well. I am trying to figure out what type of mango tree it is and also any general tips on fertilizing and pruning. Thanks!

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jofus(9b/10a Englewood, Fl)

Wow, what a beautiful tree ! Dunno about other mango aficionados Diane, but I'd need more info.

1. Is that your tree as it looks today ? With all that fruit still on it ? Or was the pic taken at another time ?

2. Can you post a close up of the fruit ? It's general size/weight ? And when it starts to ripen & fall off the tree ?

3. And last, give us a general description of the tree size.

Even with the above info it may come down to a guessing game.

Easiest of course, would be to give the previous owner a call and ask if he knows, but imagine you'd have already done that if it was feasible.

As to tree care, do not fertilize the tree until all the fruit is off. Then in late fall, give it a good dose of 10 - 10 - 10 general fertilizer, two treatments, one month apart. Do not fertilize after Jan 1st as a general rule. Also keep a close eye out for anthracnose, if it comes on the tree you'll need to give it 2 or even 3 sprayings of copper fungicide, about 2 weeks apart, in the early spring, right after the small fruits start to appear. If all that goes well, your next chore will be to watch out for fruit flies which show up in many areas around late June, but July is a deadly month if they are there and not prepared for. I use the old apple cider vinegar trick, for me. I usually don't bother with that on my Glenn tree as its an early season one, and fruits are all gone by July 4th or so.

That's all I can contribute, am sure others will have some cool ideas. 700 mango's eh ? You may have to guard against the two-legged fruit rats with a harvest like that every year. lol

I live in Englewood, not far from Pt Charlotte,..both good mango areas. Hope this all helps. Good luck !

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I agree with Jofus...a close up of the fruit would be great along with all the questions he mentioned. It would be a guess at the most but it might give you a few idea.

The size/weight, color, shape and time of year its ripe helps a lot identifying the variety...Also does the fruit have any fiber or is it smooth, no fiber?

I agree that tree is beautiful and the fruits look great!!

Without seeing the fruit up looks like a very colorful mango (a guess would be a Tommy Atkins?) just a first guess without any and compare it to the fruit you had/have...Tommy Atkins is a June/July variety though...usually not available in FL in August...

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Thanks for the feedback. Jofus, The tree is approx 25 ft high, fruits this year were oblong shaped, yellow with a red blush and probably weighed 2 lbs each. The last of the fruit fell at the end of July. The home was a foreclosure so owners were not available to be asked. The fertilizing sounds easy enough, thanks. Puglvr1, I think you may be right about the Tommy Atkins, I looked up pictures and they looked similar, especially the part about them being fibrous. My BF and I never really tried mangoes so when we harvested the first of them we cut one open and neither of us liked the texture.....I will be anxious to try other varieties as the more I read, these are not the best ones out there! Thanks!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Unfortunately Tommy Atkins is not one of the better varieties available out there, its such a shame too since they are a very attractive fruit on the outside...very colorful. Most Tommy Atkins are grown for commercial purposes due to its great shipping qualities, it ships very well...last a long time on the shelf and is a very pretty mango on the outside which consumers seem to prefer.

Even have a very healthy and beautiful Mango tree, tree ripen Tommy's are a lot better tasting than the ones you buy at the grocery store (especially because they pick them green) so they can ship them...Good luck!!

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czfljo(Daytona Beach-9A/B)

Remember that mangoes can be eaten in varying stages! I love green mangos soaked in vinegar salt and pepper!


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