uses for chocolate mint?

karenfharr(z9B/FL)December 11, 2006

Any ideas for how to use chocolate mint, dried or fresh?


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It makes a great tea, 1 teaspoon dried chocolate mint to 1 cup hot water. You can also infuse it in cream or milk and then use that in a recipe. So, if you were making a chocolate ganache to go on a cake, warm the cream with 1 tablespoon of the dried chocolate mint until just under a boil. Turn off heat and let it sit for 1/2 hour or so, strain the mint out. Then, use the infused cream as the recipe instructs. You could also flavor vodka with chocolate mint. Put a bunch of dried chocolate mint into a clean canning jar and then fill with vodka, making sure the entire bit of mint is covered at least by an inch of vodka. Wait 2-3 weeks, strain and enjoy.

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Think 'chocolate', and chop some into anything chocolate-y - chocolate cakes, chocolate mousse, chocolate puddings, chocolate cheesecake, chocolate icing, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cookies, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce......

Sprinkle some over ice cream! Better still, sprinkle it over the ice cream which is served on waffles with chocolate sauce.

Coat the leaves in melted chocolate, and serve as an after-dinner treat, or use to decorate cakes etc.

Add some to whipped, sweetened cream which you serve with a chocolate cake or chocolate muffins.

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Thanks so much to both of you! Can't wait to try these ideas!

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Simplest: Put a spring in a glass of ice water. It will be magically tranformed.

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herboholic are SO right. There is nothing that will transform a nice refreshing glass of ice water like some mint, unless you add a wedge of lemon. My favorite, and only, beverage with dinner.

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Put some chopped leaves in the blender with some ice cold milk and either chocolate ice cream or chocolate sauce/powder and ice cubes. Chocolatey-mint milkshake, here I come.

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georgiafornow(z7 GA)

Use them to garnish a Brandy Alexander. Yum!

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I love this snack: plain yogurt (buy "total" brand if you see it), some finely chopped chocolate mint, and a handful of chocolate chips.

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hey i read in an herb booklet,put chocolate mint in your coffee filter before you brew the coffee and it is a really nice hint of chocoalte and mint and add a little creamer and its just a really smooth good cup of coffee. Enjoy!

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