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GeneTheNewGuyJuly 15, 2012

OK here is another dumb question. What is the reason for the difference between wide mouth and narrow mouth jars?

I don't know but I can't imagine that it would make a lot of difference for most foods, but is there is situation when you HAVE to use one or the other?

When do you, what types of foods, do you use one as opposed to the other?


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Convenience. It is easier to get pickles or large pieces of fruit out of a wide mouth jar than the regular jar. It makes just a little difference for most everything else. The wide mouth costs more for jars and lids than the regular ones. There are lots of the regular ones from years past still being used and reused, but I buy all wide mouth jars when I have to just because of the convenience.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

The lids for the wide mouth jars are also more expensive. The cost differences aside, it is mostly a personal preference. When I have to buy jars I only buy regular mouth.


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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I agree. Personal preference.
I use both. I find the wide mouth far easier to clean since I can get my entire hand down in there, but a brush works fine on regular ones.

I use the tall 12 oz. jars for pickled beans and asparagus and they only come in regular.

I use the squat 1/2 pints for salsa sometimes, nice to serve right from the jar, it's like a little bowl.

I use the 1/4 pints for Asian plum sauce, just the right amount for 2 of us to use as a dipping sauce for egg rolls, no leftovers.

I use regular quarts for things like tomatoes and sauce, sometimes green beans and carrots. Things that are small pieces or more liquid.
Wide mouth for large chunks or items that I'm concerned with the aesthetics like peach halves and whole dill pickles.

So for me, it just depends on the application.


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Type of product being canned.
Try filling regular jars with chicken pieces. If you can get them in, you can't get them out when canned unless you tear them out in little pieces. The new 24 ounce Ball jars are better than pint jars for today's larger chicken legs and breasts.
I can get a couple more regular sized jars into my canner (than WM jars). The WM jars take up more shelf space for the same reason.
Golden Rule: Use regular sized jars whenever you can. The lids are cheaper, and with a smaller seal area, you should mathematically be in better shape with respect to failed seals. We all hate to reprocess jars due to seal failure.
Jim in So Calif

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