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lauriee09(8b)August 5, 2009

I've tried do a search but can't find the answer.

Is there a difference between a mulberry bush and a mulberry tree? When I was a child we had a huge mulberry tree in our backyard. A few years ago, I purchased a mulberry bush.

I really want the tree version. Does anyone know where in Florida I can purchase a reasonably priced Mulberry Tree?

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gcmastiffs(z10 Florida)

I'm assuming you mean the dwarf everbearing Mulberry, as the "bush" version. It can be kept small, but will grow over 15' if left alone. It has lots of tiny berries most of the year.

The big Mulberry varieties can also be kept moderate in size. I chop mine back every year from 15-20' to 5' to keep the fruit within reach. They fruit on new growth, so cutting them way back in summer means lots of new branches and fruit the next spring.

I have East Coast, Lavender, Wacissa, Pakistan and Tehama varieties.

Don't buy a tree. I can send you cuttings. They root easily and are fast growers.

East Coast is the best! Big, juicy, sweet, flavorful berries. The Tehama is new, and I haven't had fruit from it. I got the cuttings from UC Davis early this year. It appears to be a vigorous tree.

Mulberry trees can get HUGE! They attract birds, so don't plant one near your house/car/walkways.

They are easy care plants that should be much more popular!


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

My dwarf mulberry( it may ne called everbearing but not for me) I thought had died but came back BUSHIER then ever.
The Mulberry tree keeps growing taller, no suckers.

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Lisa gave me some of her East Coast variety cuttings and I have to say I am amazed at how well they rooted (Thanks Lisa!). I potted up about 5 cuttings and all but one took. Shortly after they leafed out they started forming berries (which have since fallen off). But they really did take off nicely, and it has only been a few weeks since I potted them up.


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Lisa or others in this post. I live in the Orlando, FL area and cannot find Mulberry bushes/trees for sale anywhere near here. Are any of you willing to send me a branch of one of yours (preferably the East Coast variety as suggested)? I don't want a huge tree but would love one I could keep trimmed to 5ft.

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fagopher(zone 5)

I just bought one. I was told it is Chinese mulberry and grows to 25 ft (smaller than the native one and....they said... has better fruits). I got it in a natives nursery called Biosphere. Cost me $25 in a rather large size.

They had one planted on ground (the picture shows really nothing) It was great and my wife loved (this is why we go it :) ). It was loaded with birds and fruits (My daughter took a handful .. or two)

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About your East Coast, you've got mail!

I also have a question... My Cooke's Pakistan is taking off and looks great. If I pinch out the growing tips of the branches, will I get better results? I.e.: More compact, bushier and more fruitful?



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I ordered a 2'-3' Black Beauty mulberry tree from Willis Orchard ( in Georgia a few weeks ago. I planted it shortly after it arrived this past weekend. It's doing pretty well. It's leaves are coming out already.

I figured ordering from Georgia was far better than ordering from up north. At least the Georgia grown trees would be acclimated to the South.

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