have: brevialata, wayetii, ds-70, dischidia ruscifolia

greentoe357March 21, 2014

I have the following cuttings for trade in the US (zip code 11224):

Hoya brevialata,
Hoya wayetii,
Hoya DS-70,
and Dischidia ruscifolia (a Hoya relative).
EDIT: I also have Hoya polyneura cuttings.

In exchange, I could take most Hoyas or Dischidias that are NOT on this list below.

Email me through this site if you are interested.

Hoya anulata IML 0084
Hoya australis ssp. australis
Hoya brevialata
Hoya camphorifolia IML 0418
Hoya carnosa 'Chelsea' SRQ 3038
Hoya carnosa cv. Rubra aka 'Krimson Princess'
Hoya carnosa cv. Tricolor aka 'Krimson Queen'
Hoya curtisii
Hoya dasyantha IML 1658
Hoya diptera IML 0261
Hoya DS-70
Hoya fitchii f/n/a CMF-8 SRQ 3012
Hoya flavida IML 0423
Hoya halophila IML 1116
Hoya sp. 3759 Haruku SRQ 3043
Hoya lacunosa
Hoya leytensis IML 1287
Hoya limoniaca IML 0092
Hoya memoria IML 0107
Hoya merrillii IML 0465
Hoya micrantha IML 1442
Hoya myrmecopa IML 1375
Hoya pallilimba IML 1691
Hoya panchoi IML 0249
Hoya polystachya IML 1043
Hoya pottsii IML 0022
Hoya pubicalyx 'Black Dragon' SRQ 3045
Hoya sp. affinis pubifera SRQ 3085
Hoya retusa IML 1324
Hoya ridleyi IML 0146
Hoya samoensis IML 0192
Hoya sipitangensis IML 1603
Hoya treubiana IML 0124
Hoya vanuatuensis iml 0266
Hoya wayetii
Dischidia ruscifolia

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I have lacunosa Royal Flush, clandestina, or bilobata that I can take a cutting or two from. I am interested in your DS-70.

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Dorydl, I replied by email a couple days ago. Check your spam folder if you do not see it in the Inbox.

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How can I get in touch with someone to get some hoyas for postage?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Corey,

Sorry, I don't mean to be a bummer, but pls. read the Special Rules for Exchanges, which clarifies that plants for postage is a practice no longer allowed here. One needs to wait 'til one has some plant material to trade pls. Sorry, but those are the Rules.

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