WANTED: hoya help!!!

ajajoyApril 11, 2013

I have a hindu rope plant hoya that has been passed down to me...Its possibly 30 years old. The leaves started looking wrinkly a few months ago. I've tried giving it water, letting it dry out, and re-potting. Now the entire plant is wrinkled, and I'm afraid its dying or something. Just a minute ago I stuck my finger in the dirt to see how wet it was and I noticed little gnat-like bugs flying around. Does anyone have advice? I CAN NOT kill this plant.

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whisst(zone 7)

you need to repot immediatly. Probably should get new soil and new pot. It wouldnt hurt either to gently wash with water to make sure you are not transfering the bugs to new pot. I hope this helps, and if not take a couple of cuttings from the main plant and stick them in water and in no time at all they should be rooted and be able to be planted.

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jlynn(8 sc)

how is your hoya? I had a beautiful one that got mealy bugs nursed it back and when i got divorced the person caring for my plant collection killed it. would love to get a start if yours has done well. i have several plants i can trade just havent had time to update my list.

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I think they may be fungus gnats.


The above is a forum discussion about black flies or gnats. I have been having trouble with them with the wet fall here.

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