HAVE: Rooted cumingiana

kidsandcats(7)May 17, 2011

I'm looking for cuttings, rooted or not, of Hoyas I don't already have. Top of my list: H. australis 'Lisa', H. callistophylla, H. finlaysonii, H. merrillii, or pretty much any large leafed ones or ones with interesting leaves.

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I would like some cuttings of cummingiana. I have a small plant of austrailia Lisa that I can send you a 2 node cutting of. I maybe able to send another 2 node of H. caudata. I lost most of my hoya this past winter because of the freezing temps.

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That sounds good :) This is a well rooted plant, but it's small, probably 4-6 inches. There are a couple of branches on it though, so it's not too sparse.

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