WANTED: Wanting to trade

shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)May 22, 2009

I am wanting to do some hoya trading. If you are interested just email me your wish list and I will look to see what I have, I do not have a list made up. Sorry for the inconvience.


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Hi Shanna,
I'd love to do some hoya trading. I don't have very many that I can take cuttings from, all box store ones. I've gotten the hoya bug pretty bad this year and can't seem to stop buying. I have a bid on Pachyclada on ebay that has 6 days to go, so hard to tell if I'll get it. If not, do you have it?
Hoyas I have that can withstand a few cuttings are: Mathilde, Chelsea, Bilobata, Curtisii, and Lacunosa. I know they're pretty common, but interested, let me know. Maybe next year my cuttings will have grown enough to have some real fun.

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shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)

Hey Sande,
I do have one pachyclada, should bloom white. Do you know what color the one on ebay will bloom? If you do win and it blooms something other than white, I am interested in trading. I have the others you listed. Email me next year when yours have grown and we can trade then too. Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I don't check here too often.


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Hi, Shanna . . .

I'm pretty new to the Hoya game. I really would like an H. obovata, if you have any to trade. I know it's something common and simple, but I can't find one around here. I am currently working on rooting some H. carnosa that came from a variegated plant, but reverted back to green, and an H. brevialata that's rooting. oh, and a couple of H. kentiana/wayetti (not sure which one). Let me know if any of these would be of interest. :)



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shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)

Hello Carolyn,
I do have obovata I can trade, it would be unrooted cuttings. Do you have any other hoyas? I already have the ones you mentioned in your above post.


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I have a H. carnosa "Chelsea" I could take a cutting from . . . and a DS-70. Those would be fresh cuttings. That's about all I have, right now. Hoyas are difficult to find around here. I have a rooted umbrella tree cutting I could send you. hahaha And a very small Dischidia geri I could take a cutting from. If anything sounds like it would work for you, please let me know. :) And have a wonderful evening!!!


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shanna5(Zone 6, Missouri)

Hey Carolyn,
I do not have hardly any local resources for hoyas either I mostly order mine over the internet or from growers I know, I receive them by mail. I am only interested in hoyas and I do have the two you mentioned. If you decide to get any more species, let me know and maybe we can trade then.

thanks shanna

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Have a good weekend!


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