Part 2 of the Late Show, more to come

celeste(zone 4 NH)August 29, 2014

As promised, here is Part Two of the late bloomers. I include some mid-lates in here since a few are still hanging on going into September. I will be posting a Part Three for the VERY-lates, which will continue into September here.
The lates help soften the sadness of daylily season coming to an end, since there will still be color here and there for a little while longer. While the majority of late-bloomers are on the plain side to most eyes, somehow they seem especially beautiful to me amidst the brown scapes. If they bloomed alongside their prettier cousins they would be overlooked, but now they are radiant.


SUN TEMPLE SPIRIT, newly acquired this season.

BRIDGETON IVY LEAGUE, a reliable late-bloomer


Desiree, in the garden setting


Once again, CAROL'S GENTLE PRESENCE with Royal Jester

PINHILL CLARET SYMPHONY, amazing color you have to see with your own eyes to appreciate. Strong scapes, big plant.

VT AUTUMN FIRES has been a blooming machine...nowhere near done. A treasure from Olallie in Vermont. (More of Olallie cultivars in the next post of very-lates).

close-up of VT Autumn Fires....

A WALK IN THE CLOUDS, tremendous scapes and plenty of buds left to go

with the very last blooms of Stargate Portal in the background....



LAND OF COTTON, last bloom today


APACHE WAR DANCE, outstanding color

MADGE CAYSE, may be leaving next year. Love the color but blooms are meager.

CAPACITY FOR WONDER refuses to give up! It has been blooming for weeks. Excellent plant.

and the flowers are to die for...

PERSIAN RUBY did not get the memo that it is an early-mid bloomer! Still going like the energizer bunny.

LAURA HARWOOD blooms late here

SWEET SUMMER SONG is a later bloomer

MARGO REED INDEED...has a few blooms left and I will miss it.

LUCKY STREAK, one of the mid/lates just finishing up


Somehow this post got very LONG....sorry about that. I will continue with a third post in the next few days. Thanks for looking.

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Celeste, I'm loving Court Jester. The flower is so fun, just like the name implies. I also love Stargate Portal and it is nice to see it perform so well in zone 4/5. This flower's colors are always the same in al the photos I have seen - a beautiful color combination. Do you find that it consistently opens with the beautiful purple color that is in your picture?

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sherrygirl zone5

Celeste, love your late bloomers! Its good to see what does well for you. I have just planted Laura Harwood and hope mine does well here. I am going to make a list of your late bloomers to add to my gardens. In your next post please note which are your favorites, that would really make me happy!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

They areALL to die for, they are all just beautiful. I especially like CAPACITY FOR WONDER. That's a real beauty that reminds me of my very favorite daylily, WONDER OF IT ALL.and I really love PERSIAN RUBY, too. its a beauty.I need that one :) and also LAURA HARWOOD too. how beautiful it is.Your camera really picks up the colors very well, too.oh, how I wish I could see your garden in person.its soo pretty.thank you for posting these beauties for all of us to injoy, and I am REALLY injoying them, too.THANK YOU>


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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Beautiful! Nice to see all these late bloomers. I almost bought Capacity for Wonder a couple of years ago and really regret that I didn't - even more so with seeing you post it. I can't pick of favorite from the daylilies you posted, they all look great. Thanks for posting!

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Brad KY(6b)

Wow, so many late beauties; hard to even pick a favorite but I think PINHILL CLARET SYMPHONY is probably tops. All I have going is Maleny Debutante, which will go til frost [Oct. sometime], 2 new stems on Belle Isle Sentry which will also go to frost, and 2 buds left on Olalie Autumn gold. I am going to have to get some more reliable very lates!

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Fabulous as usual, Celeste. Your pictures are just beautiful. Pinhill Claret Symphony is a gorgeous color, and the late Olallies are wonderful, they don't need a lot of frills or horns or teeth. Capacity For Wonder is living here now, and I love the way it looks in your garden, hope it will be the same for us next year. Of course, I would like to know if your Welcome Mat is the one that came from us; if so, hope it is performing well for you. Definitely will be waiting for more stunning pictures when your next post arrives. Avedon

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Nancy zone 6

Wow, so many nice flowers. ROYAL JESTER looks very pretty, you really don't see that many bitoned daylilies. That photo is exceptional. VT AUTUMN FIRES looks good to me too, & orange is far from my favorite color. I notice I have more oranges in my garden than any other color though. Capacity for Wonder looks, well, wonderful, that green in the eye is really fetching. Lady Neva has always been late for me too, but such a good plant. Margo is looking good, & so is Lucky Streak.

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Maryl zone 7a

Question: I tried looking up Autumn Fires and the only one I could find was from 1951. Is that the same as your "VT Autumn Fires"?.........Maryl

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celeste(zone 4 NH)

I appreciate all your comments and thank you so much for taking the time from your Labor Day weekend to let me know you enjoyed my post!
hostabuff.....Stargate Portal always looks just as you see in my photo(s) and has never had an ugly bloom here. It doesn't seem possible that it can be so perfect, does it? But in my personal experience, it is the perfect daylily and if pressed to name my favorite of all....well this one is numero uno. (And I have close to 500 daylilies). Not sure how it performs or holds it's color where it is hotter but here it is a healthy plant, many scapes and increases well. I can never stop looking at it and am sad when it has it's last bloom. I agree that Royal Jester is a looker, and it is a really good plant too.

Sherry, I will try to remember when posting again to let you and others know which are my favorites! Stay tuned.

Jean, I always enjoy your comments. You make posting worthwhile!

twixanddud, I actually received Capacity for Wonder as a bonus with an order, knowing nothing about it. At first I was disappointed because I already have plenty of yellows... and then it bloomed. Now I know it's NOT just another yellow.

Brad, good choice with Pinhill Claret Symphony. It is hard to get an accurate photo of it's color or to show how sturdy the scapes are. But it is a winner. Mine still has many buds left to go as we turn the calendar to September.

Avedon, YES that is your Welcome Mat and I posted it for you mostly. I love it. Of course since it was planted last fall and we have such a short growing season it didn't do much this summer but that is how it is with all fall-planted ones in my zone. I have no doubt next summer I will be posting pics of a big, abundant bloomer. I think it is beautiful. (BTW I responded to you on my other post as well).

Nancy, I feel the same way as you do about's not my favorite color but somehow I have a lot of orange daylilies....and I love them. VT Autumn Fires is so brilliant and well-budded that it is stunning in person especially with the late summer sun shining on it. It really does look like it's on fire! And it just laughs at the cold winters since it's hybridized in Vermont, my next-door neighbor.

Maryl, NO that is not the same daylily. The one I grow, VT Autumn Fires is by Chris Darrow of Olallie Daylily Garden in Vermont. (The VT stands for Vermont). I believe it to be unregistered which is why it won't be found on the databases. All of Olallie's cultivars with the VT prefix are his or his father's creations and unregistered. I grow a lot of Olallies and many will be featured in my next post. They do have many that are registered that start with 'Olallie'. They are more on the plain side but I like their late-bloomers because they really & truly are LATE with some VERY-late. I usually go pick them up at the farm so I can wander around looking at them in person but they have a website with photos and do mail-order

Thanks again for the interest everyone.


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Celeste, just wanted to let you know that your pictures and description of Stargate Portal sent me to Oak Hill Daylilies and their summer sale. I have ordered Stargate Portal and four others and they will arrive the third week of September weather permitting. I am so looking forward to seeing this one bloom in our garden next year. Avedon

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Celeste, just wanted to let you know that your pictures and description of Stargate Portal sent me to Oak Hill Daylilies and their summer sale. I have ordered Stargate Portal and four others and they will arrive the third week of September weather permitting. I am so looking forward to seeing this one bloom in our garden next year. Avedon

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shive(6b TN)

Capacity for Wonder looks fabulous. I was thinking about adding it after seeing how well it does in other Garden Webbers' gardens. But your photos have really convinced me. I keep trying to add Sun Temple Spirit without success. Once is was the wrong plant, and it died in a pot last winter. Tropical Trails is another late I've thought about adding. I like the color in your photo. How do you like it? The other polychromes, Walk In the Clouds and Priceless Pearl caught my eye too. Desiree looks great too! Mine, still growing in a pot, did not bloom this year.


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Julia NY(6)

Read both parts. Always interesting to see your bloom season. You have accumulated a big collection. Always a pleasure to view.


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celeste(zone 4 NH)

Avedon.....Yay! I am happy to hear you got Stargate Portal. I still remember when I first saw a photo of it and how I swore I would get it one day. I don't think I ever wanted a daylily as much as it. When it first bloomed I did not believe my eyes and it still 'wows' me. One thing I've noticed is that cooler weather and rain overnight enhances and deepens the color. We get a lot of cool nights here when it blooms going into the late season and the color is amazing. I hope yours lives up to your expectations as mine has.

Debra, you really should get Capacity for Wonder. It is a great plant and the flowers are stunning. I got mine as a bonus plant from Blue Ridge. What I thought was just another ho-hum bonus turns out to be one of my favorites! I have mixed feelings about Tropical Trails. On the one hand, it is a huge, healthy plant, multiplies and blooms freely. But not all blooms open well here, not sure if it's a climate thing. When days are cooler the pink tone is enhanced but it can look washed out on really hot days. The sculpting is nice and different. I like that it blooms later on in the season. I'm giving it another season to see if the opening improves or it might be out of here.

Thank you Julia!


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