WANTED: looking for possible trade

amber_m(5)July 21, 2013

hi everyone, i have a wish list that i would really LOVE to try and achieve but i dont really have any special hoyas to trade, but im hoping that someone wants something i have and will maybe have some of my wants?
what i have to trade is...

H. pubicalyx started from seed, possibly pink silver,
H. pubicalyx pink silver,
H. polyneura,
H. fungii,
H. cv. mathilde,
H. bella,
h. carnosa 'chelsea'

my wish list is...

H. meliflua
H. finlaysonii
H. sp. ban ngon ngoy
H. paul shirley
H. davidcummingii
H. cinnamomifolia
H. ciliata
h. subcalva
H. caudata (every kind!!)
H. mindorensis (every kind!!)
H. pubicalyx (all of the dragons, white, black and pink) i had the black dragon but it has recently passed :'(
H. sp. Gunung Gading SRQ 3189

i know i dont have much, but im hoping to work something out...

i should also add pubicalyx 'red buttons' to that list... i have one but its very small and i would very much like a cutting of it to make sure i dont "loose" it if anything should happen...

i also have a bunch more that i want, these are just my "super want" list!

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I can cut this for a hoya publicalyx trade. let me know if you are interested, I don't know the name of this hoya tho.

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