Hosta Alphabet D - Winter 2012

paul_in_mn(4b)February 12, 2012

Dees must be the place

Please add pics of your hostas that begin with the letter 'D'

Dawes, a Pin Stripe Sister seedling - 2nd year, a little bigger but not a big change as yet

Deliverance - 1st year, a young tc but grew okay, supposedly will be long twisted leaves. Will grow another year or two in a pot

Dew Drop , a sport of Gold Drop - few more years to fill out


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Dream Queen, did well here in Florida.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

All first year plants, some grew better than others.

Dance With Me

Dance With Me leaf closeup

Dick Ward

Dancing Queen - taken in early August. I later moved it to get more sun.

Dawn's Early Light

Designer Genes - bought as a starter plug. At lease a year behind everybody else.

Deep Blue Sea (this one did not grow until August)


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Dumb Blonde



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Deane's Dream

Dark Star

Deja Blu

Diamond Tiara

Dream Queen

Dark Shadows

Dragon Tails

Dixie Chickadee

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Third year in the garden. Picture taken by my sister at the end of May

Been wanting this plant for a while. Fortunately for me Jack (Naylor Creek) brought some plants to the sale on Bainbridge Island last spring. This was one of them. I don't think pictures I'd seen of it up to then did it justice. Very subtle but very nice. It also grew well.

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tepelus z6a SW MI

Some of my D's:

Dancing Queen

Dixie Chick

Dixie Chickadee

Dragon Tails (needs to be moved)

Dream Weaver


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Here are some of my D's.
Hosta Dinky Donna

Hosta Double D Cup

Hosta Dream Queen second year in my garden but was a large plant when I bought it

Hosta Dawn's Early Light late summer showing some new growth after getting attacked by cut worms early in the season


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Dream Weaver, year two:

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From April/Nay 2011

First year in ground - can't wait for this to look like ya'lls!

Just glows! Dawns Early Light

Young plant

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A few to add

Dancing Stars, a sport of Dancing in the Rain - 1st year

Daybreak - its two neighboring hosta were moved so hopefully Daybreak starts to stretch out a bit, keeps yellow pretty well for me

Delta Dawn, has some Breeder's Choice and Aztec Treasure in it - 3rd year, last summer it started to look stronger, love the colors

Devon Green, a Halcyon sport - third year, nice green, veins attractive

Diana Remembered, a sport of Seventh Heaven - third year

Diva, an Elatior seedling - 2nd year, can't wait for this to fillout


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