HAVE: Hoya plants and cuttings

monsterra(Sacramento, CA)July 18, 2014


Hello hoya community,

I do have lots of hoya plants and cuttings to trade.

Here is my list:
(not all are available right now, please email for availability)

Hoya acuta
Hoya acuta IML 0738
Hoya affinis
Hoya aldrichii
Hoya amoena
Hoya anulata �Iron rd.QLD� IML 0080
Hoya anulata IML 0084
Hoya arnottiana
Hoya australis
Hoya australis variegated
Hoya australis Mrs. G
Hoya australis �Lisa� (DL)
Hoya australis Lizard isle
Hoya australis ssp. tenuipes
Hoya aff. australis 'Kapoho'
Hoya balansae
Hoya benguetensis
Hoya "Black star"
Hoya blashernaezii IML 1631
Hoya buotii
Hoya callistophylla IML 0554
Hoya calycina (USDA 354235)
Hoya camphorifolia
Hoya carnosa
Hoya caudata
Hoya caudata IML 0965
Hoya Chouke
Hoya Christine
Hoya chuniana IML1134
Hoya ciliata
Hoya cinnamomifolia
Hoya citrina
Hoya clandestina
Hoya cummingiana
Hoya curtisii
Hoya dasyantha IML 1658
Hoya davidcummingii IML 0892
Hoya deykeae IML 1185
Hoya diptera
Hoya diversifolia
Hoya diversifolia (hydro)
Hoya elliptica
Hoya elliptica SRQ 3195
Hoya erythrina
Hoya erythrina �Bajo� SRQ 3036
Hoya erythrostemma IML 0713
Hoya finlaysonii
Hoya fitchii (CMF � 8)
Hoya fungi
Hoya fuscomarginata
Hoya gigantanganensis
Hoya glabra IML 1335
Hoya globulosa (DL)
Hoya 'Golden Eye' SRQ 3194
Hoya heuschkeliana IML 0832
Hoya incrassata �Eclipse� SRQ 3141
Hoya incrassata 'Moonshadow' SRQ 3024
Hoya inconspicua
Hoya incurvula
Hoya Joy (sp. Laos x vitellina) SRQ 3094
Hoya kanyakumariana
Hoya kenejiana
Hoya kerrii__
Hoya kerrii albomarginata_
Hoya kerri reverse variegated
Hoya kerrii 'silver splash'
Hoya lacunosa
Hoya lacunosa aff. splashed (aka Snow Caps)
Hoya Lacunosa 'Ruby Sue'
Hoya lamingtoniae PNG 4
Hoya lambii
Hoya lanceolata bella variegated
Hoya latifolia var. concolor
Hoya limoniaca
Hoya lobbii
Hoya loherii
Hoya loyceandrewsiana
Hoya macrofilla
Hoya macrofilla variegated
Hoya marginata IML 1727
Hoya Mathilde
Hoya meliflua
Hoya memoria (syn.Gracilis)
Hoya merrillii
Hoya meredithii
Hoya mindorensis
Hoya mindorensis 1
Hoya mindorensis 2
Hoya minibelle
Hoya monetteae
Hoya montana
Hoya Motoskey
Hoya multiflora
Hoya naumanii IML 0198
Hoya neoebudica SRQ 3040
Hoya nervosa IML 1818
Hoya nicholsoniae
Hoya Noelle
Hoya nummularioides_
Hoya obovata
Hoya obovata 'silver spot'
Hoya obovata 'picta' variegated
Hoya Majic (obovata x carnosa)
Hoya obscura aff. "Philip"
Hoya obscura " major"
Hoya onychoides
Hoya oreogena IML 1513
Hoya pachyclada (true, white flowers)
Hoya pachyclada longer l, no red edges (white flowers)
Hoya pachyclada (white flowers red center)
Hoya padangensis IML 0421
Hoya patella IML 1096
Hoya patella (pink)
Hoya paziae
Hoya pauciflora IML 0352
Hoya pentaphlebia IML 0391
Hoya pimenteliana = cagayanensis
Hoya pottsii IML 0353
Hoya pottsii chiang mai
Hoya pottsii Noid #4 - (possibly H.pottsii 'kuranda')
Hoya pubicalix
Hoya pubicalix �chimera�
Hoya pubicalix �royal haw. p.�
Hoya pubicalix �bright one�__
Hoya pusilla IML 0078
Hoya retusa
Hoya revolubilis (aka Kunming Kina )
Hoya rigida SRQ 1424
Hoya rigida IML 1395
Hoya rotundiflora
Hoya Ruthie
Hoya schneeii
Hoya siamica SRQ 3143
Hoya serpens
Hoya siariae SRQ 1624
Hoya shepherdii (longifolia?)
Hoya subquintuplinervis
Hoya "Sunrise"
Hoya tannaensis
Hoya thomsonii IML1177 (DL)
Hoya thomsonii
Hoya treubiana (meliflua ssp. fraterna) IML 0124
Hoya vanuatuensis
Hoya verticillata albomarginata
Hoya verticillata variegated
Hoya villosa IML 1663
Hoya vitellinoides SRQ 3148
Hoya Viola SRQ 3153
Hoya vitellina SRQ 3052
Hoya vitellina
Hoya waymaniae IML 1024
Hoya waymaniae SRQ 3150
Hoya wibergiae IML 1618
Hoya wibergiae SRQ 3135

Hoya aff. clandestina IML 1590
Hoya aff. erythrostemma IML1423
Hoya aff. fisheriana IML 1289
Hoya aff. parasitica �Lao 2�
Hoya aff. scortechinii

Hoya sp. aff. pubifera
Hoya sp. 910307
Hoya sp 97005
Hoya sp. IML 1198
Hoya sp. IV From WMZ
Hoya sp. Anthony
Hoya sp. Ban Ngong Ngoy
Hoya sp. Biak
Hoya sp. bicolor SRQ 3127
Hoya sp. Bogor
Hoya sp. Bulusan
Hoya sp. DS-70 bilobata
Hoya sp. EG 90807 (DK surigaoensis)fr. Mindinao, Phil.
Hoya sp. Germany
Hoya sp. Haraku
Hoya sp. Kalimantan IML 1168
Hoya sp. Ko Chang Island IML 1508
Hoya sp. New Guinea
Hoya sp. Nong Nooch IML 1541
Hoya sp. Orange SRQ 3058
Hoya sp. Palawan-div from the Philippines _
Hoya sp. PNG SV 417
Hoya sp. Poring Shirley
Hoya sp. Sarawak GPS 10073
Hoya sp. Thai #3
Hoya sp. UT-001

EPC-102 Hoya kerrii "spot center" (Epiphytica)
EPC-143 Hoya aff. finlaysonii (Epiphytica)
EPC-498 Hoya sp. aff. biakensis(Epiphytica)
EPC-600 Hoya sp. (EPC-600) (Epiphytica)
Hoya sp. (GPS-7731) SRQ 3203
Hoya sp. (GPS-4098) EPC 480 SRQ 3197
EPC Hoya aff. macrophylla splash(Epiphytica)
EPC Hoya balaensis splash (Epiphytica)
EPC Hoya sp. RB-dick splash(Epiphytica)
EPC-475 Hoya sp. Gunung Gading(Epiphytica)
EPC Hoya "chicken farm" selected clone with high splash leaves (Epiphytica)
EPC-317 Hoya finlaysonii (snow on leaves) (Epiphytica)

1. Ceropegia stapeliiformis
2. Ceropegia woodii
3. Ceropegia cf arestolochioides
4. Ceropegia sandersonii
5. Ceropegia nilotic
6. Ceropegia debilis
7. Ceropegia superb

Dischidia bengalensis
Dischidia oiantha

I am looking for:
hoya clemensiorum
hoya aff. clemensiorum
hoya carnosa 'Grey ghost'
hoya mitrata
hoya inflata,
hoya lithophytica
hoya finlaysonii IML1752
hoya sp. GPS 7240
hoya sp. RB6
hoya macrophylla �pot of gold�
hoya sp. ER-26
hoya sp. Kast
hoya sp. Estrella Waterfalls
hoya sp. 19 IML 1346 (Sumatra)
hoya sp. IML1398
hoya sp. maenam IML1420
hoya sp. Perak
hoya greenii
hoya heuschkeliana variegated
hoya australis "sunnyside up�
Hoya callistophylla IML 1174
Hoya callistophylla IML 1762
Hoya callistophylla SRQ 3212
Hoya caudata (any sp.)
Hoya deykeae 'Splash'
Hoya flagellata
Hoya hypolasia
Hoya ilagiorum
Hoya manipurensis
Hoya meredithii SRQ 3105 (or similar big leafed meredithii)
Hoya sigillatis
Hoya soligamiana

and different forms of H. callistophylla/meredithii/deykeae/vitellinoides or caudata.

I am also interested in other interesting hoyas I don�t have ;0), ceropegias, stapeliads, aroids � pretty much everything. Email with suggestions (Pachyclada@gmail.com).



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I would love to get a cutting or rooted start of any Hoya. I only have some Lucky Plants. They might also be called Good Luck Plants.

Would you be interested? Or could I send a self addressed packet?
Thanks just getting my greenhouse going again after many repairs.

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I could spare a few small cuttings of Hoya chinghungensis, if you could spare a small cutting of H. pachyclada. I prefer the variegated one, but green is fine, too. But, I'm looking for ones with the red edge only. This spring, I expect to have some rooted H. Maxima (red corona), as I have a ton of runners which should leaf out in spring. Any chance you have a variegated DS-70 in your collection? I have many in your list, so just ask....

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