WANTED: H. kentiana seeds

billy_kain(8)August 19, 2009


I have a couple of kentiana seed pods if anyone is interested in trying to start some hoya seeds. I have no idea if they will germinate, as I read that they need to be planted as quickly as possible. No matter how fast they are sent, they will be about a week out of the pod and I think that is pushing it. They are difficult to handle. I am almost certain they are the result of self pollination.

If you would like to experiment with a few seeds, email your address. Don't expect much even if some do germinate. My experience with other plants has been that seedlings are rarely as good as the parent.

This is just an experiment as I have never grown a hoya from seed, and actually know very little about them. This seed may be sterile as a rock.


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Please ignore this post. I made a mistake and put Wanted in the subject line, when I should have put Have. I am going to do another post.

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