HAVE: Hoya australus ssp tenuipes

cena60August 17, 2008

Before you go ANY FURTHER, you need to know cultural conditions for this plant.

It has been grown outside 87% of its life. It is sun scalded, un-even in color and comes from the Land of Mealy.

It did receive Bayer Tree & Shrub systemic two weeks ago.

I cannot ship the plants until after the end of the month due to social and family obligations.

This is a mature, blooming size/age plant with lovely fragrance and beautiful blooms that don't last as long as other hoya flowers.

All that being said, I have about 12 feet of plant to pass on to those who will take the risks I've outlined above.

I've been a GW member since '97 and somehow I've gotten my Message capability scrubbed out. So, post your email here with your interest to pay for postage (or trade) for cuttings and we will go forward from there.

Pictures of the cuttings posted on the Discussion Side.

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Cena, I would love to have cuttings of your australis tenuipes. I have polyneura, wayetti, brevialata and also Dischida oianthe that I can trade. If you already have those, then postage would be OK. You can email me at

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Mentha(9 CA)

Hi Cena,

Could I have a cutting or two also? It would give me a chance to get your address again. It seems I've been chasing you all over trying to get it. I have a few epies with your name on them waiting patiently. I also want to send a couple cuttings of hoyas down your way.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hiya Cena,

Well I don't have anything to trade unfortunately, but would love to pls. pay postage for a couple of cuttings. I just lost some of this that I'd gotten from Denise in May of this year. Was growing vigorously too, until it suddenly crashed, I would like to try it again.

All I've got to offer now is some Ceropegia sandersonii, unless I'd already shared some of this w/ you. Also I could spare a piece of Rhipsalis eliptica, my latest love (also from Denise), a charming & easy growing plant, beautiful leaf form.

Another thing of possible interest, a Ceropegia woodii w/ unusually lance shaped leaves (ID provided by Sage Reynolds of Ceropegia Journal), unknown bloom color; very pretty!

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cena,i'd love a piece of your hoya.i have baby lanosa to trade plmk,molly

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whisst(zone 7)

Hi there is there a chance that I could get a cutting or two? I would really appreciate it alot. Please could you email me with informatin.
thanks alot whisst

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This offering is now closed.
Thank you for those that showed interest.

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