Does corn tend to absorb the liquid?

calliope(6)August 8, 2012

I've pressure canned, and BWB food for many, many years and about the only vegetabe I have never canned from my gardens was corn, which I typically freeze on the cob, or in small bags afer I have removed the kernels. I decided to put up corn this year, so it could be stored in the pantry and not take up freezer space.

Background..........lovely fresh corn, not overly mature. Pulled up directions from NCHFP and proceeded to do it exactly as they directed. I left the proper headspace, did not pack it but just dropped the kernels in through the canning funnel, then added the boiling water to one inch as they stated. Processed for 85 minutes with good technique and the jars sealed very strongly. Lovely results. However......The liquid is not at the level it was when I pulled them out of the canner. It did not siphon at all. But, I expected the liquid to still be at the one inch level, or at least covering the corn and it isn't. The top of the corn is out of the liquid. I'm not worried about it being safe, I'm just confused. I have had that happen when canning dried beans, and I know corn is starchy and could have absorbed water, but geesh, the kernels were moist and full of liquid. Is this common?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Yep, it does. With raw pack it tends to absorb most all the liquid. That's why we prefer hot pack.


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Thanks, I did do the hot pack, and there is liquid about 3/4 way up the jar. Just didn't expect that much, in fact didn't expect it at all. Next time around, I'll know better and next time around, I think I'll go lighter on the amount of corn per jar.

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