Dwarf Chenille (Firetail) as Ground Cover?

love_the_yard(z9A Jax FL)August 30, 2009

Have you used dwarf chenille (also known as firetail) as ground cover? Here is an article from Gainesville, Florida saying that it works well: Nursery Pick Of The Week: Dwarf Chenille Plant

A University of Florida article also says it works well: University of Florida article

How did it work for you? Full sun, shade or part/part?

Here are pictures of mine in a hanging basket:

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I've used this as a ground cover and was quite pleased with it. It filled in nicely, was not rampant by any means, and easily controlled. I'd weed-whack it once in a while to help with the uniformity. I had it in pretty much all the light conditions you mentioned. Would definitely use it again. Can't give you photos, as I changed my landscape and don't use it this way now, although I like the plant enough to still keep pots of it here and there. It appreciates a feed once in a while; I give it a little bloom booster granule along with epsom salts but mostly a balanced liquid and also fish emulsion when I have it.

~ Robin

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love the yard,you have a lovely specimen,there.
I grow my Chenille in all three conditions,full sun,
part sun and shade. They do well. I never feed them and it all started with a very small plant that my daughter had discarded.
Below are some pictures in all conditions.

Below,the Chenille is to the bottom,left.

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KaraLynn(z9 FL, Inverness, Citrus)

I have some growing around some crinums in the front flower bed that were planted over a year ago and are still going strong. It started out as a small 3" pot that now covers the entire tip of the flower bed and is still spredding. It's growing in full sun without any special care, only occasional supplemental waterings, and seems to love it.

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LOVE all your pics and suggestions! I have one of the local nurseries here getting some plants for me as I want the shrubs. I had 3 magnificent ones in south florida and want that same look here

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