Gold Mound Insect/Disease Help....Photo Link Attached

floridagirl_mosaicAugust 19, 2009

Please help! I have over 20 gold mound plants and they've been taken over by something. I've included a photobucket link to help. Thanks so much. Jen

I also posted this in the pest/disease forum....thought i'd check with my local gardeners too :)

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You have a nasty case of scale. You can try insecticidal soap for starters. If it doesn't work you might have to pull out the bigger guns (pesticides). Malathion (make sure it is listed for duranta (gold mound)) or Bayer Tree and Shrub (used as a soil drench) or if you have a service you can have them spray.

As a last resort you can yank them out and start over with something else. Whatever you do I think it needs to be done quickly or your only option will be to remove the dead ones.

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Thank you so much for your quick response! First thing in the morning I will be giving the soap a try. Thanks again!!!

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