HAVE: Hoya Multiflora/Javanica

gabro14September 15, 2007

I have H. multiflora cuttings for trade (it's most likely the true H. javanica - but most people still go by multiflora, so I'll just call it that). The plant the I will be cutting from is FULL of peduncles.

I would like to trade for hoya cuttings that I do not already have. Since I don't have a "want list", I will just list what I already have and will trade for something I don't have. HOWEVER, there are certain ones on my list that I would still trade for even though I have them - I will put an asterisk next to those. Please email me if you want to trade at gabro14@hotmail.com.

Already have:

H. anulata

*H. archboldiana

H. australis ssp. tenuipes

H. australis 'Brookfield'

H. bella

*H. cagayanensis

*H. callistophylla

H. calycina

H. carnosa

H. carnosa KP

H. carnosa KQ

*H. cinnamomifolia

*H. coriacea

*H. cummingiana (little leaf)

*H. diversifolia

*H. erythrostemma

H. fungii

*H. globulosa

H. heuschkeliana

*H. imperialis

H. inconspicua

H. incrassata

*H. kanyakumariana

H. kentiana

H. kerrii

H. kerrii variegated

H. kerrii reverse variegated

H. lambii

H. lacunosa

*H. latifolia

H. limoniaca

*H. linearis

H. lobbii

H. macgillivrayii

H. macrophylla variegated

*H. mindorensis

H. motoskei

H. multiflora/javanica

H. nummularioides

H. obovata

H. obscura

H. odorata

H. pachyclada

H. picta

H. pottsii 'Budabadoo'

H. pubicalyx 'Red Buttons'

H. pubicalyx "Pink Silver' (AKA 'Splash')

*H. rigida

H. schneei

H. serpens

*H. sigillatis

H. subcalva

*H. thomsonii

*H. vitellinoides

*H. waymaniae



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Sorry...I forgot H. brevialata and H. curtisii.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Gabi,

Any chance you've got others to offer besides Multiflora? I've got some Crassipes to offer if you do please? (Quite the collection you've amassed, amazing variety.)

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Do you by chance still have any Multiflora. I have a large Diversfolia to Trade or A Latifolia and Limoniaca. Might could find some others.


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